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Coop Has To Poop Coop Has To Poop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I've heard better.

A shame that you can't really hear the vocal samples clearly over the rest of the track, but that's the risk you run I suppose. Should I be flattered, upset or just downright dumbfounded that this appeared here? Since its been done before, I'll stick to flattered.

I guess that you could have gone on my audio submissions and sampled my vocals here, which would have made more sense, but this is a pretty average method of extracting revenge.

The beat is good, but the additional sounds that you added to it made the whole piece appear a little too close to dubstep for me to appreciate it properly. Still, the effort required here has been focused, due to your forum ban, since you're focusing the bile into one stream, rather than spreading it out over a wide area, so I guess that helped.

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Insanctuary responds:

Haha, your vocals aren't good enough for my sexy atonal soundscapes. <3

Besides, I have other plans for you... something you would be able to relate to, I'm sure. I'm coming back with a vengeance. I and a few others know you've abused your mod powers over a frustrated disagreement.

However, I could, right now, go blam all of your projects, but you see, I'm a very mature figure and I do not abuse my privileges. Need I remind you that you joined in and took the privilege to discuss with me knowing very well what I am capable of doing in a discussion. Sure, I started it. I'm a man, so I can admit that. However, I only started the discussion because your argument was absolutely terrible.

So as the man I am, I am going to be nice to you and write up something that has two ad hominems and the rest is all objective conjecture.

Till then, I'm going to take the time to reCOOPerate.

Outlook Outlook

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, except for the "stutters"

Don't get me wrong, the might of the classical genre has seen a generous nod toward it in this piece, where you have tried to meld it with more modern styles, which is acceptable, as it has been done before, though personally, I would not have gone with the stutters - it makes it sound like the track is buffering and I know that my internet connection is not that slow.

You've made a nice start with the basic classical sound and I think that I would like to hear it taken further, perhaps developed into something more than just a string backing track - perhaps combine it with synths, to give a different sound, but suitable modernised, to take it forward. I just think that while your idea is good, the execution alienates purists more than other tactics would.

It's something to consider at least.

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lnitroburstl responds:

Much appreciated man.

Knowledge Arcana Knowledge Arcana

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A little loud.

The sound of the track keeps "bouncing" off the upper end of the speakers, overloading and causing static feedback, which makes the track sound fairly horrible, without even taking into account my dislike of this genre of noise.

I like what the track was before you started messing with it - the strings are a very nice backing piece, until you mess it all up with the "wub-wub-wub" over the top. Classical music is much better than this, so leave it alone and we should get on fine, just with the addition of a bit of a bass beat, which works well. The synths are a good way to compliment the piece and you used them to good effect, but sadly I cannot mark it higher, because of the harsh sound that you give it for being too aggressive with the attitude on the track.

It needs to be tidied up, before it can be fairly judged, I'm afraid.

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Concept X Concept X

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Why the silence? We can hack 10-15 seconds off the intro and lose nothing at all. My speakers aren't that bad and I heard NOTHING for that start. Throwing more at the piece there would help, or throw it in the deep end from sooner.

After that, the track is quite repetitive, without much merit in variation at all. Sure, you use a few flourishes that give some flair to the piece, but the melody gets boring far too quickly, even for a trance / dance / house piece. You've got to be more out there, in order to grab the audience's attention and this lacks that, with a single instrumental melody, which needs something to give it a boost to the next level.

Vary the pace, the instruments, the bass, hell, give us an instrumental or some vocal samples to bust the track out of this funk. It desperately needs to be shoved forward.

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ForeverBound responds:

I really appreciate your review. Thanks
And i'm gonna work on that ;)

WawaWowWowWOw WawaWowWowWOw

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good use of variation.

Not just the usual techno jazz of adding something, taking something else off and playing about with the combination through the song, like you're experimenting. This sounds like you've thought about it and are ready to show us just what you can create.

Yes, some parts were a little repetitive, especially as you brought the melody back in at the end of the track - we'd been too long without it, so suffered at the reintroduction. Try perhaps having the bridge with no melody being half as long and see how that bit works out.

An interesting vocal sample at the end with the "techno" being replicated in a voice that reminds me of a 1980s BBC school computer. Yes, I am that old.

With the way that you build up your track and indeed build it down, you change the track, but are careful not to change too much, which is nice. A few more tweaks can prevent it going too far in places, but overall, an enjoyable listen.

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Aqua Boom Aqua Boom

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Super Mario gets wet!

Well, this piece certainly sounds very SMB, before we get into the vaguely watery sound effects that you've added to this piece. If you're to get better with this piece, turn the bass down a little, as it drowns out the happy sounding counter melody, which I really had to strain to hear. The flutes aren't loud enough to be heard over the top of it all, which is a shame, as you've put a lot of effort in there, for no gain.

As far as the track itself sounds, you could use this in a variety of games and not just SMB covers / parodies. With the way that you've distributed the electronica and the "wet" sounds, you could be forgiven for thinking that it's not wet enough, as you should never play with a live plug, with wet hands, so something splits the track for me, if only on a subconscious level.

A few more tweaks required to get into the "aqua" sound, or just change the name up...

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ErikKaufman responds:

My english don't let me respond to this review fully, but I appreciate your opinion, and I'll consider it, when I'll make new tune. Thanks dude!

Cruisin' LA Cruisin' LA

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Driven by the beat.

A very nice track, that gives a good atmosphere, kind of the sort of thing I expect in certain rooms of a Zelda-like game, from the 1990s, if I'm honest. Don't get me wrong, that's not meant to be derogatory, but it's what I thought of, when I first heard it.

As Jazz goes, the drums were a little too regular - everything should be composed as it runs along and that gives it a very abstract quality. The drums seemed too generic to really get off the ground, while the sax and the synths seemed brilliant, the bassline pumped, but that and the drums seemed to get away from what I think of as Jazz, myself.

Still, a nice break from having to listen to Dubstep for the RRC, I suppose :P Keep them coming, this shows a lot of promise.

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C23~Light 16 C23~Light 16

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Video Game" is a bit of a vague genre of this piece - I think that you'd have been better off with Drum & Bass, or something along similar lines to get this piece published to.

A very powerful, if fast paced piano, interspersed with other instruments and one hellish bass beat, which rams home the track in its entirety. Given that this piece is over 4 minutes long, you've managed to fit a hell of a lot of music into those 4 minutes, with the bpm through the roof and the various piece that you've woven into the mix here.

I think that some sort of higher pitched and even a slower tempo solo on the piano would be a nice change, somewhere in the middle. It gives people a chance to catch their breath, before the bass comes back in and kicks the walls down once more. Something to think about.

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Chrausner responds: that I think of it, this doesn't include many Video-Game elements, and includes more Drum & Bass. Tnx for the heads-up.

I'll have to work on tempo, it appears. Pitch and tempo change were the harest things for me to do.

Thanks for the review.

[Ezekiel] [Ezekiel]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well balanced, but could use more variation...

I feel that this is a good track - like you say, it's not bad at all for an hour's work. It starts off well enough, building up from a synth loop and bass beat to something a little more, from a few more effects being added in for good measure. I think that along that line with the intro / opening salvos, you could have added in slightly more in the way of instrumental variation. The bass is powerful, but not spectacular and the synths do nothing to make me feel that this is anything other than the rest of the techno herd, blindly following the others.

Really good techno pushes the boundaries and gets confused with the other similar genres - trance, house, garage, drum & bass, for example. Nothing here seems to come close to those and as a result, something is lost within. The outro, with the high pitched xylophone was fantastic, but merely too little, too late.

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alienchao responds:

Thanks. I can see what you mean about pushing the boundaries and variation; I'll keep that in mind for future stuff. Also, I'm glad you like the outro. I too thought that was the best part of the song.

Sun Down (Zx Dubstep) Sun Down (Zx Dubstep)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Dominated by the overtones..

The whole track is overrun by this sound, which overflows and drowns out the rest of the track. As a result, you're losing marks, as the melody doesn't get much of a chance to come through, while the rest of the piece does get to make a few marks, but they don't give you as much impact.

Given that the sound of the piece as a whole is good overall, you do come out of this quite well, but then we consider that it could be so much more, if that overtone in itself was reduced in volume and presence, just to give the rest of the track a chance, it would sound so much better, with little additional effort.

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ZxOOxZ responds:

IâEUTMm assuming your talking about the bass wub, the high synths need to be clearer, and this is a redone version of my original which is on my other profile -.- long story....