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Good driving beat and a nice selection of melody, but overall the piece is too short, with the variation obscured slightly by the overpowering bass beat.

I love the quiet, calm (yet pacy) intro. It gives some urgency to the piece, in a controlled way, that leaves a nice platform to progress with. From there, you build up the melody and then bring the bass back on top of it. Toning that down slightly would give the track more balance and allow the piece to have a much better sound, as the melody can be heard - complimented by the bass, not the other way around.

Making the piece longer and throwing in more variation would make it more worthy of being included in something like a WipEout game, as they use similar sounding tracks to accompany the racing.

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Hikari responds:

Coop your awesome. Im sorry I havent gotten to commenting back but thats because all I could say is thank you.

I think that this tune sounded great, without the stuttering that you've added for the "dubstep" part of it - as a result, something has been lost, kind of like the colours on a nice shirt fading after a few washes. Some people think it's trendy, which it probably is, but it doesn't apply to all things, so on a brand new suit, faded patches look silly.

Metaphor aside, you've given some life to this piece of dance or trance, which I liked, the way that it cycles various instruments and sounds, to keep the track working, rather than going stale halfway through, which is always a plus, on a track as long as this - you have the chance to get people into it, rather than being the same all the way through and diverting them away.

Hell, if you took the dubstep rough edges out of this track, I'd be very happy listening to it, in the right scenario. I think that it's got a future and the whole dance, trance, house, techno and dubstep (plus the other genres that I've neglected) are all very similar sounding and with that in mind, a few changes to any track makes it switch to another genre, so perhaps that's my issue with it.

That said, the track itself sounds good. I quite like listening to it and overall, I think I've benefited from listening to it. Could I use it if I were a game developer? Possibly, though it would probably be a racing game of some sort, which limits the market, though I'm not sure that was on yur mind, when you wrote the track.

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A good buildup, with some nice use of the variety of instruments. Sure, the piece could seem a little short, but I feel that you've got the key components in place. Just build on what you have and make it longer, perhaps adding bit more of a prominent bass beat, combined with a few other variations, to keep the punters interested.

Essentially, you want to do this, without giving the impression that you're dragging it out. The winter sound that you've used at the end of the track is fantastic and to hear it lead into something else would be great - you've given yourself the springboard to lead on with that, so carry on with what you have and improve from there.

Still a piece in development, I feel, but there is certainly something that you can take from this, to help you move on and create a much better piece from it all.

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tay2von responds:

Thanks Very much... I see exactly what youre saying,, Im working on the bass right now making it more crisp and blending.. And that sound you like at the end, im going to reverse that and put that at the beginning. Thanks bro

Good backing melody

I feel that the piece could just be expressed as a backing melody to another track - something that has yet to manifest, yet I feel as part of completing this Work in Progress should inevitably come to fruition. There is good potential here, but it is lacking in the variation stakes, losing a little with each looped pass of a few seconds. The drum beat is simple and could easily be re-jigged, to give something with a little more "oompf" and really grab the listener. Some counter melody could be emploted over the top to give some other focus for the senses and allow the listener's mind to wander, particularly with the ambience displayed here.

It could stand to be longer, but only if it has a few things to shore it up and allow the track to bloom into what it years to become.

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Subtle blend of bass, piano, drums and synths, that seems to work very well together. I think that it builds up at a good speed and the combination of the instruments and balance of the piece overall is very good, satisfying the ear, without overpowering the listener.

The early salvos, dominated by the piano, leaves a fantastic feeling throughout and as the drums get added in, I was actually expecting a little more from this range, which can give a much more profound impression, though you reigned them in - perhaps a little too much, if I'm totally honest. The whole feel is initially light and airy, perhaps with a sense of urgency, due to the tempo and the additional synths, which make it sound a tad futuristic.

In the middle, when the piano builds back up (at around the 1.30 mark), there was a little sound of the notes "topping out" and giving a spot of static feedback, which needs attending to. After that part, the track takes a more futuristic turn, the synths becoming even more aggressive and leaving us with a sound that starts to drown out the piano ever so slightly. I'd combat that, by making the piano more powerful and singing above the choir, almost against it in triplicate contrasting harmony (piano, synth, percussion). This could provide a much more enjoyable experience, as the piano is a powerful instrument that can dominate, so it should be allowed to.

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Adjeye responds:

It was my purpose to let the piano get overthrown for the little chaos effect. I even replaced the piano for another instrument after 3:12. By overtrowing the piano before that with another instrument, I got a perfect transition :P. But yeah I still need to learn a lot :P

A little long-winded, but still decent work. I'm not sure that I can cope with this the way this drives like hardcore Techno from 1990s raves. Stopping in the middle, as if beginning a new track was a major hang-up for me and I felt that you should have either stopped the piece there, or reduced the pause to that, as opposed to a full-blown stop in the proceedings.

The pace is frantic and messing with the distorted sounds doesn't do anything for me, though I can see how this would appeal to the target audience, with the high pitched synths in the second part of the track. Work on that and perhaps add a little more variation in there, because as an old user having to deal with you kids and their tastes these days, I get kind of bored by it all.

Still, the overall presence demonstrated is pleasing to someone considering the target market, so I guess that means you've done a good job.

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Dj-GST responds:

Thanks for the review.

This track was actually highly influenced by the oldskool sound, so I am glad to hear it sounds like one. I don't hear where it stops, if you're talking about where the lead arp comes in, that was for effect.

Yeah, this style isn't for everybody. I'm going to be making something a little less out there with my next track.

Well, thanks then, hopefully you will like my next track more, I really appreciate your honesty!


I think this piece sounds too quiet to make a massive impact, in all honesty. Yes, the form is good and it sounds great, but this is only if you turn it up quite a bit more than you have, as standard.

I feel that there is a good balance here, though I'm struggling to see what it has to do with the year 1990, as that year didn't sound like this to my ears, but then, it may have a specific connection with you - if there is, tell us about it in the notes.

The piece suffers a little from a lack of variation. For a three minute track, there needs to be something more, to distract from a basically monotonous beat. Even a solo, where the beat changes up a notch would be better than this. Experiment with tempo and the like, to see what comes back for you best and take the track in a new direction.

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lazy-dave responds:

Wow, thanks for the review! Possibly one the most helpful ones I've gotten. I had to turn the volume down so it wouldn't peak and distort. 1990 is the year me and my friend were both born in so I figured a fitting title. Thanks again for the review, very helpful I'll take it all into consideration for the next track.

Somewhat uplifitng, but a little short.

I like the composition, though my speakers may not be able to provide enough justice to the piece a sa whole, because some of the louder parts get static feedback, which is a shame. Still, the overriding feeling is still good, showing off your skills at both creating a rhythm and a melody to go with the piece. Perhaps it could use a little more along the lines of a bass beat, but other than that, there is a good sound, that I could certainly see having a lot of uses.

Make it longer, perhaps as much as another couple of minutes and you'll be away - I think this piece is going places and it should take you there with it!

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Sorry if I don't pay much attention, but there are just so many new features to this that I must try to take on board. That and the music itself is quite good. I can't see anywhere showing what genre this is, so I'll guess it's Trance...

Inside the first minute, there was a little static on some of the softer beats, possibly meaning that you've tried to make them too loud. Given that the piece starts off softly and builds up layer upon layer to turn into something more befitting of a nightclub, you've done well, though some of the development of this seems a little long-winded, by comparison. Would you consider shortening the cycle for adding something to the mix next time?

A good balance of beats and synths to for the "meat and veg" of the piece gives you a good springboard to take it further. I liked the pause and rebuild that you used, to get back to something similar, though the difference is certainly noticeable. Because of the pause in the middle and the ending, this seems like a half-track, which loops, to the untrained ear and it could certainly work as a backing for a WipEout style racing game - one which I'd certainly like to have a crack at.

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What a great piece of ambience, that really grabs you and propels you across a great pool, staring up at the endless stars. Outdoor swimming at night can be fantastic, as you can look at the sky and just drift away.

Your piece strikes a wonderful balance with the various instruments that you threw in and contributed with. It seems so sad to say "threw in", because that would disturb the rhythm and the flow of the tranquillity. Progressing, through the will of the conductor is more the way that this piece went and you've done a stellar job with it. The piano is not overstated, yet it drives the piece slowly onward, giving the rest of the instruments a guide to work along and everything fits nicely around it, like the leaves on a tree.

You could stand to make this longer, by moving to another piece - some beat and a way to take the mood elsewhere, but this could easily be track one of an album that leads on to the next piece, which is different, with the drums picking up where the piano leaves off. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that side of things and even a next track in what might become a series.

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SkyeWint responds:

Hello, Coop!

I'm glad you like the song! This took quite a while to make. I was actually going to continue this, but that would have ruined the 'nostalgia' feel, so I ended up changing it. What I had planned was to add in drums and speed it up after the guitar part. As it is, I had to settle for this. I'll likely 'finish' this by making it a full song at some point.

Thanks for the words of encouragement! :)

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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