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Good, except for the "stutters"

Don't get me wrong, the might of the classical genre has seen a generous nod toward it in this piece, where you have tried to meld it with more modern styles, which is acceptable, as it has been done before, though personally, I would not have gone with the stutters - it makes it sound like the track is buffering and I know that my internet connection is not that slow.

You've made a nice start with the basic classical sound and I think that I would like to hear it taken further, perhaps developed into something more than just a string backing track - perhaps combine it with synths, to give a different sound, but suitable modernised, to take it forward. I just think that while your idea is good, the execution alienates purists more than other tactics would.

It's something to consider at least.

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lnitroburstl responds:

Much appreciated man.

Why the silence? We can hack 10-15 seconds off the intro and lose nothing at all. My speakers aren't that bad and I heard NOTHING for that start. Throwing more at the piece there would help, or throw it in the deep end from sooner.

After that, the track is quite repetitive, without much merit in variation at all. Sure, you use a few flourishes that give some flair to the piece, but the melody gets boring far too quickly, even for a trance / dance / house piece. You've got to be more out there, in order to grab the audience's attention and this lacks that, with a single instrumental melody, which needs something to give it a boost to the next level.

Vary the pace, the instruments, the bass, hell, give us an instrumental or some vocal samples to bust the track out of this funk. It desperately needs to be shoved forward.

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ForeverBound responds:

I really appreciate your review. Thanks
And i'm gonna work on that ;)

Well balanced, but could use more variation...

I feel that this is a good track - like you say, it's not bad at all for an hour's work. It starts off well enough, building up from a synth loop and bass beat to something a little more, from a few more effects being added in for good measure. I think that along that line with the intro / opening salvos, you could have added in slightly more in the way of instrumental variation. The bass is powerful, but not spectacular and the synths do nothing to make me feel that this is anything other than the rest of the techno herd, blindly following the others.

Really good techno pushes the boundaries and gets confused with the other similar genres - trance, house, garage, drum & bass, for example. Nothing here seems to come close to those and as a result, something is lost within. The outro, with the high pitched xylophone was fantastic, but merely too little, too late.

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alienchao responds:

Thanks. I can see what you mean about pushing the boundaries and variation; I'll keep that in mind for future stuff. Also, I'm glad you like the outro. I too thought that was the best part of the song.

Dominated by the overtones..

The whole track is overrun by this sound, which overflows and drowns out the rest of the track. As a result, you're losing marks, as the melody doesn't get much of a chance to come through, while the rest of the piece does get to make a few marks, but they don't give you as much impact.

Given that the sound of the piece as a whole is good overall, you do come out of this quite well, but then we consider that it could be so much more, if that overtone in itself was reduced in volume and presence, just to give the rest of the track a chance, it would sound so much better, with little additional effort.

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ZxOOxZ responds:

IâEUTMm assuming your talking about the bass wub, the high synths need to be clearer, and this is a redone version of my original which is on my other profile -.- long story.... http://soundcloud.com/zxooxz/sun-down

Great ambience.

Wow, I love the way that this piece grows and gives fruit to the imagery of my imagination. The bassline, that has little branches of melody growing off it, in the form of percussion and woodwind melody in the early going. Then you move on and get into a faster paced part, as a horse gallops past the tree, suddenly quickening the pace and taking us elsewhere - some sort of Indian Jungle, or perhaps an Arabian Bazaar, for example. Then we are off again, galloping across the landscape, with a sense of renewed urgency. Suddenly, we find ourselves back at the tree of the intro, continuing that journey, through day and night. From this one tree, others grow around it, making an oasis, perhaps even a forest, all from that one source.

I think that the piece should be classified under Ambient, as opposed to Miscellaneous. That's just how it sounds to me. The other change I would have made is not to use the dubstep "stutter" sound in the piece, as that just doesn't seem right in such a piece as this. Almost as if it is too big for my computer to cope with and the track has not downloaded enough, so it stumbles.

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SkyeWint responds:

Hey, Coop!

I am glad you like the song! :D That imagery you described... that was really what you thought of? Coooooool, man. Sounds like it was fun to be you while you were listening.
As you probably noticed in the description, I spent an entire month working on this, polishing and fiddling with everything to make sure it's just right. It was a pain, believe me.

Now, the stutter you're talking about - I know about it. It's not the actual song, but an issue with the NG audio player. Several possibilities about why this is happening. 1. It actually hasn't loaded enough (unlikely). 2. You're opening/closing new tabs and/or windows in the same web browser you're using to listen. Not sure if it also happens from external applications.

If you download and listen to it, or aren't surfing the 'net while listening from here, you should be fine! :D

...And the main reason I didn't submit this under ambient was the big orchestral section in the middle. It's also slightly less ambient afterwards, so...

Thanks for the review!

Tim Burton meets Discworld.

Hmm, this piece starts and ends with a lot of Hallowe'en influence, sounding quite macabre, with the winding of gears and the unmistakeable sound of a theremin mixing in there. It sounds pensive and very horror, but in a child's sort of way, paving the way for a 12A certificate, as opposed to gunning for the 18, that most horrors go for.

Then the tempo picks up and in the middle, it sounds very much like some of the music used in the live action versions of Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Industrial, clockwork, steam, yet heavily influenced by comedy and a dash of slapstick thrown in for good measure (along with a custard pie)

A strange blend, one that works, yet for some reason, one that I'm not that big a fan of. Oh well, can't win them all.

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steampianist responds:

thank you for your review

Very moving.

I think that this piece is great, in spite of the change of pace in the middle - for a piece this short, I'm not sure that you can justify a change of pace as drastic as you put in there after a mere minute. Yes, some of the greats of the classical genre get away with that in pieces which are three or four times as long as this piece, so you need to consider perhaps adding more to the piece, to give a more balanced piece.

I love the emotions that the piece evokes - you really have given me a nice uplifting piece, that evokes positive emotion and when the true pace of the piece hits, you get lifted and practically thrown aloft by the sheer force of the feeling. Perhaps forced is too strong a word, because it encouraged me very willingly upwards. I love the whole sound and if it could give us some more, in terms of length, that would really give me a great boost.

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SkyeWint responds:

Hi, Coop!

"for a piece this short, I'm not sure that you can justify a change of pace as drastic as you put in there after a mere minute."
I'm not sure whether to laugh at the fact that you said this or not - Winrar1337 said pretty much the exact opposite of it.

All I can say is good, you noticed the change. :) The entire piece is intended to flow along smoothly - that change there is essentially the end of the slow 'intro' to the piece, going to the main part of it.

"I love the emotions that the piece evokes"

"I love the whole sound and if it could give us some more, in terms of length, that would really give me a great boost."
Haha, I'd have loved to make it longer, but sometimes you have to know when to stop, neh? There wasn't much more I could have done with this song, and it actually is a decent length for what is /basically/ a solo piano piece in Renaissance style.

Don't worry though, I'm working on a piece that's MUCH longer, it's 4 minutes long already and only about 2/3 done theme and length-wise, probably even a bit less. Plus, it has full-on orchestral sections and a nice calm section with ambient percussion for those that like more laid-back music.

In any case, I'm glad you liked the music! :D

Thanks for the great review, as always! Hope to see more of 'em!


Good pace and drive.

I think that while the bassline for this piece started off just a little too low (too much water in the ears at that stage, which rises to the surface rapidly, draining it away), it certainly rectified quickly. There is a good balance between the rhythm and the melody, with constructive use of bridges, to give variety and a lovely change for the solo in the middle, then the modulation at the end, to take it even further.

Certainly something that I can see included in beat-em-up or racing games, I feel that there's a great scope to take things further here and make similar sounding tracks, either for remixes, or even with a view to making a whole album out of this sort of thing. Keep up the great work!

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Gario responds:

A nice detailed response - it's always nice to receive one of those from time to time. Thanks for giving this your ear and review, as that's always rare on this site.

Moving and deep.

Could you not have fit the lyrics in the comments section? Quite a shame, as to have the support of the lyrics, this piece would have truly benefited. Still, a good sound overall, lyrics or no.

The hornpipe / flute makes the piece sound vaguely oriental, which is strange, to be honest in the intro, having read your notes about Breton France. When the lyrics came into full swing, I was a little disappointed that the vocalists didn't quite hit the harmony (I think it was more an issue with the backing vocals, but only minor, to be honest), but the balance of the softly spoken track was well stated.

The guitar and piano could have easily overpowered the piece, but they stayed nicely in check, backed by soft percussion, to compliment the whole ensemble, giving rise to a piece that should bring a tear to the eye of some listeners, if used on the right sort of film / animation.

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Troisnyx responds:

I was the vocalist as well as the arranger, and I'm aware my vocals were off key in places. Thank you for pointing that out. : )

Also, thank you for the feedback. I'll put the lyrics (and hopefully a better version of this song) at some point, most likely after my exams are over. No promises though, but I'll try!

A good blend of sounds, that gives the impression of a pure 1980s game. The combination of various effects from the genre says to me a platformer, though the content of this is largely unknown, so your title of Frozen Heart can be slightly ambiguous, but that's not an issue.

The walking beat that you throw in there about halfway through just seems to be too quick. Halving the speed of it would work well with the rest of the track, but the main melody seems to be blocked out a little by it at present.

It's only minor issues that need dealing with, but I feel that you've got a great track, that is ready to get even better.

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SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review man, I'll go in right now and try out what you suggested.

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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