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Creationist joy!

Well, this certainly puts a different spin on things - I hope that Richard Dawkins is watching, though his denial of any possibility of a god-like being is so deep rooted, that it makes me look like I'm preaching that there is a god and we should stop what we're doing to worship him. This is not the case, I don't know what's out there and quite like it that way.

On to the animation - yes, it's got some good quirks and adds a very different outlook to Felix Mendelssohn's music, but in a similar way to Fantasia, by Disney, this almost gives us a darker parody of Rite of Spring, by Stravinsky, if you're willing to expand upon that metaphor for a moment.

The bubbles were the genius behind this piece, with the way that they changed colour in their infancy, then started to become developed and more industrialised, before descending through the tragic downward spiral of war and their ultimate destruction. I love how the "god alien" blows a new batch of bubbles, then fades into the background, so no-one can really know it it's there, a poignant metaphor for humans and faith.

I look forward to seeing more of your work

Macchia responds:

hey, thank you really for your fantastic review,
Now I'm feeling something like Tim Burton mixed with Michio Kaku!

Theoretical physics, latest multiverse hypothesis prove i'm right:

ok, I'm joking, thanks again!

Oh. My. God.

Wow, I remember when this project was just a tiny little brianstorm - a few moments of someone's day and we were all quite a bit younger. Oh, how it has flourished and now that you've been taught to animate better, I'm sure you can go on to make even bigger and better things.

Alan, you're an inspiration, that something good can come from lots of hard work, plus someone trying to end the senseless destruction that we saw had become so apparent in the pieces of old. Yes, there was a great joy to be had from Flash getting completely gutted and essentially the whole computer being made FUBAR by a stick figure. It's also interesting to see how the technology has moved on, bringing your own hands and voice into the piece, with some nifty video technology. AIM has been replaced with Facebook Messenger, firefox has been replaced by Chrome, the Chosen One Reborn gets into your iPhone and still, the havoc continues.

A lovely idea, built upon continually within the series. Will there be an episode V, or is this the culmination of the series? I suspect that this might not be the end, with some sort of dark agent seeking to wrest control of the computer and defeat Stick, to bring in a new reign of terror. I'd love to see how you took to that challenge and how you managed to make this even more fantastic.

I salute you and your efforts.

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Cruise, Tom Cruise!

Simply the funniest one of the whole series that I have seen so far. Seriously, these are the sort of things that make coming to Newgrounds every day worthwhile. Simple, hilarious and rather well animated, considering it's just black and white lines, with an occasional attitude to other colours being thrown around there.

The plot is simple, though at some stage, I would like to see you set up a series and have the competitors move on to the next round in some sort of bizarre version of the MTV claymation "Celebrity Deathmatch" The end of the series would of course have someone crowned as the overall winner and therefore I would assume king of the world, until the next series of Versus rolls around.

You've clearly thought a lot about the plot and from the more humble beginnings, you now have a very saleable product, one which will keep people laughing and also keep producing these fine cartoons for weeks, if not months to come.

I'll have to go back and review the other 75, but I feel it will be worth it, from start to finish.

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I have waited a long time for this. Literally years.

Yes, StoryShift has finally arrived, allowing people to read my story and vote on how it turns out. Other people's stories too, but right now, they seem less important, at this moment in time. Give it a few days and things will return to normal.

Did you ever read the Fighting Fantasy novels by Ian Livingstone? Where you turned to a paragraph number, based on your own choices and the adventure played out? Well, that's basically what we have here. Only this time, the story unfolds in real time, where the writer doesn't know what is going to pan out, just the same as his or her readers. It is a test of the writer's skills to develop the piece as much as possible, without tying themselves in knots (This will undoubtedly happen at some stage)

Give it a week and we shall start to see the next part playing out, with the adventures truly beginning to take off. I am already looking forward to writing the next part and I know which of the four options I want to happen and how each one will play out.

Give it a read, give me a challenge. Heck, while you're at it, read some of my friends' stories and comics and vote on them. The future is in your hands.

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Evil-Dog responds:

It's awesome to have you in the project :D Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

Really annoying!

Seriously, do you have to have the screen flashing on and off like that? As if the game weren't difficult enough, you decided to up the ante, by blacking us out every half second or so. I'm calm, I've managed seven levels, before I declared "fuck it" and gave up.

Alright, I admit, there is a slightly addictive quality to it, because a few minutes later, I was back, polishing off the rest of the levels., but that's not the thing that makes this game good. I wasn't impressed to see that the Level 20 medal is broken, especially when levels after that are just the same crap shoot of trying to get through a ridiculous spinning dervish of black squares, where your only hope of success, even if you are pointing in the right direction is a heap of luck.

Simple and effective, I'd have preferred a mute button and the ability to restart by pressing R, rather than waiting for the screen to exit blackout and having to click when "restart is highlighted", I'd say that this is a decent game, but nothing more than a quick half-hour time killer.

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kokos0102 responds:

Thanks for the review. There were some good hints...
But the screen flashing should give a dark atmosphere to the game ;-)

This piece needs a lot of work, like learning a few basics of poker and how someone usually plays a poker simulation.

Aces high is a term which usually comes up in poker, since the aces are the best value cards that you can have. I managed a pair of "bullets" and the woman politely informs me "you lose". Naturally, I was a little peeved with this, as the term Jacks or better would indicate a pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces. Not a big deal, but it does get to you after a while of playing. How can the ace be low, if a royal flush, the best hand in the game, have an ace at the very top?

Holding / toggling cards was the other major bugbear - I was dealt a flush and wanted to keep all of my cards - most games assume that you want to keep the cards and if you click on one, it flips it over, indicating that you require a replacement. Albeit a little naively, I clicked deal and promptly lost the flush, to my dismay. These sorts of issues are the sort of thing that gets people clicking away from your game, as opposed to on it.

The artwork of the cards was nice - did you draw them yourself, or borrow them from elsewhere? An option to speed up the dealing would be nice as well, since the game didn't have all that much flow for my liking.

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I've heard better.

A shame that you can't really hear the vocal samples clearly over the rest of the track, but that's the risk you run I suppose. Should I be flattered, upset or just downright dumbfounded that this appeared here? Since its been done before, I'll stick to flattered.

I guess that you could have gone on my audio submissions and sampled my vocals here, which would have made more sense, but this is a pretty average method of extracting revenge.

The beat is good, but the additional sounds that you added to it made the whole piece appear a little too close to dubstep for me to appreciate it properly. Still, the effort required here has been focused, due to your forum ban, since you're focusing the bile into one stream, rather than spreading it out over a wide area, so I guess that helped.

[Review Request Club]

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Insanctuary responds:

Haha, your vocals aren't good enough for my sexy atonal soundscapes. <3

Besides, I have other plans for you... something you would be able to relate to, I'm sure. I'm coming back with a vengeance. I and a few others know you've abused your mod powers over a frustrated disagreement.

However, I could, right now, go blam all of your projects, but you see, I'm a very mature figure and I do not abuse my privileges. Need I remind you that you joined in and took the privilege to discuss with me knowing very well what I am capable of doing in a discussion. Sure, I started it. I'm a man, so I can admit that. However, I only started the discussion because your argument was absolutely terrible.

So as the man I am, I am going to be nice to you and write up something that has two ad hominems and the rest is all objective conjecture.

Till then, I'm going to take the time to reCOOPerate.

Good, except for the "stutters"

Don't get me wrong, the might of the classical genre has seen a generous nod toward it in this piece, where you have tried to meld it with more modern styles, which is acceptable, as it has been done before, though personally, I would not have gone with the stutters - it makes it sound like the track is buffering and I know that my internet connection is not that slow.

You've made a nice start with the basic classical sound and I think that I would like to hear it taken further, perhaps developed into something more than just a string backing track - perhaps combine it with synths, to give a different sound, but suitable modernised, to take it forward. I just think that while your idea is good, the execution alienates purists more than other tactics would.

It's something to consider at least.

[Review Request Club]

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lnitroburstl responds:

Much appreciated man.

A little loud.

The sound of the track keeps "bouncing" off the upper end of the speakers, overloading and causing static feedback, which makes the track sound fairly horrible, without even taking into account my dislike of this genre of noise.

I like what the track was before you started messing with it - the strings are a very nice backing piece, until you mess it all up with the "wub-wub-wub" over the top. Classical music is much better than this, so leave it alone and we should get on fine, just with the addition of a bit of a bass beat, which works well. The synths are a good way to compliment the piece and you used them to good effect, but sadly I cannot mark it higher, because of the harsh sound that you give it for being too aggressive with the attitude on the track.

It needs to be tidied up, before it can be fairly judged, I'm afraid.

[Review Request Club]

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A good start, with the simple, but bright colours and the computer game cartoon layout, this certainly encapsulates the better, more entertaining side of paintball combat. From looking at the weapon, this is more of a paint gun than a paint ball gun, though I'd assume the principal is the same.

While I'm not quite sure what the ear-like flaps of hair are for, they certainly add a dimension of perhaps protective cover for the combatant, while the squid-like familiar in the background looks entirely too cute to think dangerous... perhaps until it's too late, then he inks his opponents.

If I were going to be overly critical, I'd suggest that this piece yearns to be made into an action pose, mid shot, while an opponent is rushing onward, trying valiantly to cover her in his gooey, pigmented secretions - ooh, er.

Keep up the good work, the lines flow nicely and I think we'll see a lot more from you in the future.

SinCOMIXXX responds:

Thank you for your critique! If I ever do Splatoon-related fan art again, I'll definitely consider your suggestions! :)

Surely your non-drawing had should be doing something other than drawing... I'm not sure what, but given enough time, I could probably be chauvinistic about it.

Damn, I hate it when people are just too talented for their own damned good. I want to be able to draw, but I just don't have the ability, while here we have an example of a good artist, who whiles away a few minutes with her opposite hand and creates something better (albeit not by much) than I could draw with my main hand.

Sabtastic responds:

Aw shucks! haha Thanks, Coop.

Sorry to make you feel shitty though. x:
Just keep at it!

Hope I don't fuck it up!

Seriously, you've really helped me to get this story off the ground and that is worth more than merely just a stock image that has caused this piece to start with. I've now got a good idea from talking this through over a few months about where the pair of them are going (aside from around a dungeon, trying to escape with their lives, that is). Not that I'm going to tell you what my ideas are.

You've got more than merely "some skill" with the tools of an artist and I've got a few ideas to throw your way for "future projects"

Clever use of shading, to go with the underground / torch lit look to the piece and showing off the fact that these two have been prisoners for an indeterminate amount of time - you can almost smell the stale sweat that this image conjures up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have more to write on this story.

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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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