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I might get to like this...

Okay, so the formula of this track is relatively simple, for the most part, with a repeating melody loop, which then gets something else added on after one cycle, like a game of Buckaroo. Then, everything stops and you put in the "intrinsically dubstep" sound of the distortions and it takes a little away from a fantastic sounding track, for my liking. Rinse and repeat, in modulation, so that the second pass through sounds different enough, but still quite similar.

I love the first minute of this track and think that it would be better suited to dance, trance or techno. After 1.15, when the distorted bass line came in, it wasn't as special to me, so that needs working on, possibly because I'm not a fan of dubstep.

While the formula for this track appears basic, it's certainly effective and you've made a very good track out of it at the end of the day. To improve, aside from a slight change of style (and therefore genre), I'd also suggest that you try to make a different solo, as the end of the two "verses" could benefit from a solo that sounds different, as the rest of the track sounds just a little too similar, to cut away like that.

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Short, but hard hitting

I think that there's a well designed piece of music in here, but it's not quite where it needs to be. Perhaps a little more length and even a smidgeon more flutes, where you can use them to be the lighter side better - they quickly get drowned out by the entire percussion section of the orchestra, so the balance is ever so slightly off.

On that front, with the percussion, the kettle drums being rolled would be a nice addition, to compliment the strings and bring it all together nicely.

If I were to interpret the piece, I'd say it sounds like preparations for a battle, but from the point of view of a massively outnumbered force - rebels or the remnants of a previously defeated force, wanting so much to live through the conflict that is to come, so that they may get the chance to visit loved ones, that have been left behind at home, many miles from there.

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samulis responds:

Thanks for the critique. I see what you mean about the flutes... might try remastering it later. The drums idea might work.

I like the interpretation... much better than anything I could have thought up. :)

Thanks again,

A little quiet, but evocative

Wow, this piece can certainly stir up some emotion in me, with the way that the intro is so softly "spoken" and the feeling I get is either one of lamenting the fallen comrades, or that it is regret over something not being done that should have been in the story.

A good use of the piano, though a little too quiet for a piece so poignant and you should consider making the higher pitched notes from this wonderful instrument that little bit louder, since the lower notes have no such issue.

I wonder if someone could find a piece of writing and use this as a backing track for their reading of it? The piece certainly has potential and if the piece were right, along with the reader, perhaps this could come off!

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bearskin responds:

Thanks for the review!

A little repetitive

I think that as the piece sounds to be a few slight variations on a theme, there is something slightly wrong with the tune. The form is decent and it could stand a little more power in the bass stakes, to give it that extra boost, but the real issue lies with the melody, which needs to change a bit more than this, to catch my attention.

As far as the track goes, it's a little short, but it sounds alright. Don't think that I'm being overly negative by saying it needs more in the variation to make it grab more attention, but the length might also come into question there. Give it an additional minutes, maybe another minute and a half, to cure some of the variation issues (hopefully) and you'll be laughing.

Consider a counter melody, to perpetuate the piece and "talk" to the melody, so that they duel and then give the counter a solo, before coming back in with the melody, to finish things off, that should see you right.

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The-iMortal responds:

Thanks for the review, Coop. Yes, it is definitely short as I was running out on time for the Audio Secret Santa thingo, lol. Cheers.

A little too wide ranging

Don't take my vote of 3 as totally negative, I really don't think it deserves to be as high as it was, especially if you're voting to inflate your own scores up so high.

Right, onto the track itself - there are lots of different video games represented in this particular creation and, while I can see it getting some good mileage in this arena, you may have covered too many generic video games to really get ahead here - why not pick a tune and redux it Tetris style, or create Super Mario Brothers Vs. [popular artist of today], for example?

I think that your quirky style is worth something here and that you can develop it a little more than you already have, perhaps by making the track a full three - three and a half minutes long, as at half that length, it becomes a little tiresome and boorish, without too much in the way of form over the variation. Even with this variation, it can become repetitive, so keep working at it.

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ErlendHL responds:

Hmm why are there lots of video games represented in this song? I haven't played any of the old video games and this I made up by playing the piano while chiptuning.
You're right it can be longer, with another part. Right now it does have ABA and variation but they are pretty similar. Thanks for the review.
Edit: Hmm and when you say a little too wide ranging, I can't see what you mean :/
If you see this reply, please give me more information in my inbox :) Thank you!

Good pace, but why Dubstep?

I thought it was going well, until the trademark sounds of Dubstep came in, to be brutally honest. This is a nice sounding piece, with a nice, if slightly basic beat, coupled with a serviceable melody - nothing spectacularly good, but then again, nothing spectacularly bad, either.

The sound distorted parts changed all of that, as it took away some of the magic of the track for me. The intro came in, almost in the same way that When the Wild Wind Blows, by Iron Maiden does, with a breeze blowing in a calm, almost carefree manner. With this, you kept recycling this simple sound, which is nice and natural - the artificial stuff needs some work, to tidy their sounds up, make them more crisp and better work out where they belong in the tune.

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RobinDB responds:

Hey, thanks for the review, but I'm not entirely sure what you want me to change. And sorry for making it dubstep, i guess...? But thanks for appreciating the intro wind effect.

Makes me want to play the game

I have no idea from the tune what the game is about, but it sounds like one of these games where you build towers really high, by dropping one block on top of the other and "hope for the best". If this is just the theme tune, then you can't be doing too badly, getting the piece to six and a half minutes long.

A good combination of synth guitar, combined with what almost sounds like real piano in some of the parts, though the overriding factor is that the synth guitar really makes me think of Sim City as far as that sound resonates with me.

You build it up nicely and the tune itself carries a nice cross section of moods, from melancholy, to happy.

I've really missed the days when games had theme tunes and the idea that you're bringing it back makes me exuberant with happiness. May others follow your shining example!

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eatmeatleet responds:

yeah, it's that kind of game. Thanks for all the praise man, peace :)

Not what I'd call hip-hop

But what do I know? I think that the intro to the piece was a little quiet and it could have either been shortened or made slightly more imposing, to get a little more interest from the listeners, getting them into the track.

The vocal samples were a little sparse for me, loosely joining in with the rest of the track. I'm not suggesting actual lyrics for this piece, but the vocals could have been used to greater effect. Possibly a conversation over a radio, or something similar, in this instance.

The pace was good and while the bass wasn't as imposing as I thought it should have been, you've still come out with an above average track, which surprised and impressed me, to say the least.

Keep up the good work.

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BuggMusic responds:

No, it's definitely not hip-hop haha, but Newgrounds doesn't have as wide a range of genres as I would like. I'm considering reuploading without the vocals, they were just something I thought sounded alright while I was making it. As for the bass, I honestly wasn't going for anything too over the top, I feel as though anything more imposing would've made the track sound too heavy, but hey, you're the listener after all haha.

Strange Vocals

Hmm, this one is a very strange sounding piece, which has a very compelling sound of buildup, vocals and then the beat added along, almost as an afterthought, as you get with these sort of tunes.

Parts of the song seem a little repetitive, but with a little tweaking, these could be given enough variation to make the track less repetitive to the casual listener. The method of verse - chorus - verse should be followed, even in a tune without discernible lyrics that follow this pattern.

The piece can be turned into something truly fantastic, with little additional effort, but to try and force the issue could be damaging, so remember that fine tweaks only, may be necessary.

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TheBellmaker responds:

This was my first time using sliced (or more appropriately gutted) vocals like this and I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

Verse chorus verse unfortunately is something I cannot master. Imo its very hard to follow this pattern without being repetitive. Coupled with the fact that trance is a relatively mote repetitive genre in itself, I decided to go....free verse(?) or whatever it's called.

Yeah, I probably should have put more effort into variation, but for me the vocals were the novelty point of the song.

Thanks for the review!

Takes me back to Lylat Wars

Certainly a piece the evokes memories of that game from the past very well. I feel that there is much to raise a smile on my face from this, not least all of the memories of how god awful I used to be at such a game, but also for some good points:

The buildup is nicely understated, gradually building from the launch to the inevitable song of combat that accompanies this sort of game. I think that while it goes a little quiet in the middle, it certainly embodies the feeling that the game was about in the mid-90s. Perhaps though as a tune based around the original, you could shave this part, or populate it with a little more music, since it just seems too calm.

The return to the combat sounds seems fantastic and this part should dominate the piece, though with the calm in the middle, it feels as if it doesn't. For research, I'd consider the soundtrack to the original Transformers cartoon movie, as some of the work by Vince DiCola should help for synths and balance.

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Rinileki14 responds:


You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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