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Very good

A highly stimulating romp through the world of our "master criminal", who is trying a get rich quick scheme this time around. Many hijinks later, when we find out where all of the medals are, wipe a tear from our eyes and let the dust settle, we look back and see that the game is absolutely hilarious, from start to finish.

From the writing of the little quirky messages on the failures, to the pop culture references of Portal, metroid, Super Mario etc, you've done really well in capturing the imagination of the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it and I'll be recommending it to friends to have a bash at, to see if they are sneaky, aggressive, or indeed EPIC. For the record, I was sneaky.

I dread to think what the next thing will be for this quirky little fellow, but you can't just give up on him now, especially with what he's been through. Where to next is the main thing, to which I have no idea, so it's going to be a real surprise. I'd suspect it might be a surprise to you as well.

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PuffballsUnited responds:

This review is awesome! I'll be making a sequel at some point, and I have a few ideas rolling around, but mostly I guess it will be a surprise :p

Very enjoyable

Well, this is a well constructed little game. Granted, with user intervention and not just the "I want 30 levels which require no thought, because I want my medals" user generated content, this could become a very big game.

From the user levels, I would hope two things. Firstly, that the levels are moderated and the really shitty one creature already in the box, so you win as soon as it's loaded levels get pruned out. Second, that there is some sort of "players pack" of the best levels launched, perhaps incorporating some sort of plot into the proceedings, where there is a Doctor Robotnik style character, that enjoys making little animals suffer and you're totally helpless.

Of course, it could be that a second version of the game would involve choice, making your progress entirely down to the discretion of the player. You could kill the creatures (easy) or save them (harder) on each level. Are you a corporate slave, or a hippie? Who knows, you might just be a corporate slave, but in that camp, because it's an easy life and you can play solitaire, while you should be working.

On the user generated content, you should be able to pick the sounds you creatures make when they die. There was one level I saw with a tune to it that would really benefit from this sort of thing, of course, that's abstract and a little sadistic, so I'll leave that thought hanging.

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Nutcasenightmare responds:

My hope was that people who DO want a challenge from GapWorld,
Will click the Challenge tab, to get the most challenging levels as voted by players.

My hope was that the medals would help encourage an intrinsic motivation to solve puzzles.
I only award Medals for playing levels you did not submit to GapWorld, so people don't create 1Block1Monster levels for Medals. So the people who did create such levels, did it because they really wanted to, for some reason?

My hope
My hope

Alas, "Hope goes 'crunch' when squished."

A little repetitive

I can see how some people can get obsessed with this game, since all of the floating animals seem to follow exactly the same pattern. It's not the best of mouse shooter games that I've ever seen, neither is it the worst, so that's good.

What I would say is that there are a few bits and pieces that I'd change, to make the game better. Gravity, i.e. I'd have the spikes at the base of the image and I'd drop the animals onto them. The game surface could be made bigger and so could the targets, just to make it slightly easier for the beginner - do you need half a screen dedicated to the stats, time remaining and so forth? Finally, I'd add a few more breeds of critter that is falling to their doom - you're trying to put them out of their misery, before they get made into some sort of roadkill pie, so why not have badgers, raccoons, skunk and the like falling alongside the squirrels?

A good effort, but I'd love to see a new version, with bigger targets.

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Good game

I like the medals that you can win for this - I've got a few and hope to win a lot more over the next few weeks. Much like 8-Ball pool, I can play 9 Ball to my heart's content.

Yes, the game is based well on skill and I seem a lot better with one of these under my control than a proper pool table. The heartbeat is annoying as usual and not being able to remove that feature from the sound, without removing the sound of the balls and cues is a little bit of a peeve for me.

Trying to get to the 90,000 point mark on the time challenges is proving a bit of a bother, but I feel that I can get there, with a little more practice and the guiding hand of lady luck.

I wish that you'd take the time to draw little caricatures for the opponents that you can face on the table, as I feel that it would give us something else to look at and a little fun between frames, as you play your way to the top of the pub scene.

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NipponMonkey responds:

Thanks for the review.

You can turn the heartbeat sound off. It's a little hidden but if you go from the start menu:
[Start Menu]->[Top Scores, Stats & Settings]->[Sound Options]

Then you can turn off "Play heartbeat sound on key shots".

This option is remembered, so when you come back to play again you won't have to turn off the heartbeats again.

I'd love to add caricatures of the players, I'm not a great artist though, if I can find someone to do them for a good price, then I'll add them...

Decent information

I think that it was a good idea to add the volume control to this piece, as it can show off a nice little addition - this allows people to substitute their own music, or just dampen down the volume, if they feel like it.

With the information on screen, you've done a good job of presenting the piece and overall, the whole presentation is very well done. I would stress one issue however and that is that you seem to have neglected how a book works - you turn the pages from right to left, so conventionally, a "next page" button would be on the right of the screen, with the corresponding "previous page" button would lurk on the left, as if you were turning the pages of a book, magazine or newspaper.

Mind you, if that's the only fault I can find in the tutorial, then you've not done that bad a job and those that you're assisting should be very satisfied with the results.

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You even got the sounds right!

Wow, what a fun little game. I can imagine myself having spent hours sat in front of the TV, during my formative years, slowly coming to grips with the finer points of falconry.

The way you've made it and thrown the detailed lampoon on a history in there as well just makes me want to clap you guys on the back, for putting so much effort into writing the piece, before and during the development of the game itself.

While relatively simplistic, I was surprised by the fact that the bird of choice appears to be a NASCAR driver - only turning one direction. This came to be quite a challenge when you control the bird's movements and oversteer on various targets.

I'm going to have to spend some time on here to put this all through the paces properly, because I think I'm capable of beating the game and having a lot of fun. Why didn't you give us a choice of birds? There are plenty of great birds of prey to use, from the tiny, agile Merlin, all the way to the Golden and Bald eagles. That could have given the game a lot more detail (though possibly too much for a 1970s / 1980s title, such as this one.)

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TomFulp responds:

It is interesting how they chose to implement a single "Yaw" button, vs multidirectional options in the original game. I've heard rumors of a Golden Eagle being available though!

Not a bad game

Interesting that you'd choose to launch a game featuring Barcelona on a day when they are attempting to become kings of Europe against Man. Utd. I wonder what you'd have made of the reds in a game like this - Rooney knuckling along like a Neanderthal / Gorilla and Jarr-Jarr Ferdinand in the centre of defence.

I like the way that the game handles, though I am a little confused by one of the levels, when Bieber is in his car, driving all over the pitch and I have a real problem getting out of his way. I gather that you're supposed to kick the bombs back at him, but it doesn't seem that they do much damage and with a time limit, that seems like it's going to take a while to get there.

Still, decent graphics and sounds make up for it and I think that I'll certainly have to come back at some point and check this game out in all the glory again later on.

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Very difficult

Wow, the game is very detailed, but I found it incredibly hard to get to grips with. I like that you've put so much effort into it in making it a very detailed game, but there are issues that need to be addressed in later versions:

Building up a head of steam is something I like about the game - it's more natural than some of the other games of this ilk that we tend t see. However, you seem to have neglected the standing jump when standing next to a wall. If I'm pointing at the wall and press space, I can't jump, which is frustrating.

With the controls interface, you let go of the wall, by pressing space without a direction - mistiming the direction presses costs me dearly here, so I'd suggest that pressing something else will let you drop. Perhaps Space and down?

It was a shame that I couldn't get much further, as the game looks enjoyable. I would like to see it slightly easier, so that the casual player such as myself might get a little further. You did have a nicely detailed (and quite challenging) tutorial as well, so that made a difference to getting me integrated.

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Okay, so I guess that some of the things in there we disagree on, but that might be that my opinions of helpful / unhelpful and those that are borderline abusive do kind of blend together under the circumstances.

That said, you've done a good job here - I'd personally suggest that you give people more of a breakdown of why they were right or wrong over each review, thus making it more of a public service announcement than a game, but I still think it would get the message across.

Perhaps you'd like to discuss with me via PM about the specific answers - hell, I may be a Review Moderator, but on balance, there are times when the mods themselves disagree over whether a review is abusive, useless or even helpful, while some people would ban, others would merely delete the review in question, so it is up for interpretation.

I particularly like the new "Endless Handbag" remix that accompanies this game, though the option to have vanilla Endless Handbag should be there.

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Hacsev responds:

I'll be sure to contact you once I decide to make a second one. At first, I was going to give an explanation of why it was/wasn't abusive, but I had no time for that, I'll add it to the second one, no doubt on that.

The song at first was the Endless Handbag loop, but I figured I have been using it too much on my flashes, so I chose the next best thing!

Not the best, really

I think that the playing interface was kind of unfair to human players, as it puts far too much of an emphasis on a quick shot, even as an amateur. The fact that within a few passes of the accuracy gauge, the target starts to wander off from where you were aiming. This makes the game far too much of a challenge, particularly when you step aside to calculate what you need for an out.

The board is out of line - if you get over the border to the right-hand beds, you'll still be scored for the bed one position to the left. This really needs to be addressed, as I've clearly hit a treble twenty and been scored 3, which is more than a little harsh.

I can see this becoming a popular and good game, it just needs tidying up a little.

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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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