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I have waited a long time for this. Literally years.

Yes, StoryShift has finally arrived, allowing people to read my story and vote on how it turns out. Other people's stories too, but right now, they seem less important, at this moment in time. Give it a few days and things will return to normal.

Did you ever read the Fighting Fantasy novels by Ian Livingstone? Where you turned to a paragraph number, based on your own choices and the adventure played out? Well, that's basically what we have here. Only this time, the story unfolds in real time, where the writer doesn't know what is going to pan out, just the same as his or her readers. It is a test of the writer's skills to develop the piece as much as possible, without tying themselves in knots (This will undoubtedly happen at some stage)

Give it a week and we shall start to see the next part playing out, with the adventures truly beginning to take off. I am already looking forward to writing the next part and I know which of the four options I want to happen and how each one will play out.

Give it a read, give me a challenge. Heck, while you're at it, read some of my friends' stories and comics and vote on them. The future is in your hands.

Evil-Dog responds:

It's awesome to have you in the project :D Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

Needs AI opponents.

A shame really, because it's a good concept, if a little confusing to get the hang of in the first place. I like the way that it looks and I can see that over time, this will become a very addictive little game, if it's developed from here.

Perhaps have an interactive tutorial, as opposed to the instruction book at the start, which was utterly confusing, even to an experienced card player, such as myself. You will pick these games up much better, if you play them and have the rules explained to you, as you need them and play alongside them.

Decent colour sets, decent sounds, perhaps a little thing in the layout could indicate which cards you need to click to finish a trick, just to make it more user friendly.

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Kwing responds:

I'm not sure what you mean by AI opponents or 'finishing a trick', so I'm not sure why you only gave me a 3/5 on this. The tutorial could have been explained better, I'll admit that. I'm not very good with the interactive thing, but perhaps an animated one would have worked.

I was at one point considering making a multiplayer version where you and an opponent took turns trying to score points and prevent the other player from doing the same, but i definitely don't have the skill to code an AI that will play cards strategically.

Old idea, new twist, no advancement.

I was expecting more from this, but clearly I left disappointed by the presentation as a whole. You could have given us so much more, but all I got was a piece that was less playable than the Sim Date games I played when I first joined Newgrounds in 2004.

The interface was clunky and poorly drawn, the hidden objects were just that - too well hidden. Usually, it is something that stands out a little from the background, but I found this not worth the effort of searching.

Yes, you're exploring taboo themes, with the rampant abuse of Class A drugs, but with that, I think that you may be doing it for a reaction - all I could do was yawn, to be honest. Unsurprisingly, I didn't get too far into the game, before I'd had enough and came here to review, before leaving and never returning, I'm afraid.

A lack of backing music hurt, plus the effects that you used get repetitive after a while. It's infuriating that all of the tasks lead to the whole day being consumed. A 2 minute conversation taking 8-10 hours is stretching it a bit, don't you think?

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Yomuchan responds:

Yeah. I'm already working on constructing a proper 'time system'. Thanks!

Dark and fantastic.

I love the way that this little game (which could quite easily be a movie as well) evolves. The story did look to have a happy ending initially, but I'm not so sure now, that I've played it through twice and have seen all of the possibilities (at least, according to the medals available, that is!) I'd love to hear what your inspirations were for it and how you managed to get the ideas from your head to your computer. Some sort of psychological thrillers, like Se7en would be my guess, but only you know...

I may have made a snappy judgement, only giving it a three, since you didn't easily place for daily first. A shame, but something that I cannot correct, hence the 4.5 star review. The only real reason I've awarded half a star below max is because I'm incredibly harsh. I kid, it was more because the piece seemed to have more legs and want to go further. Particularly the end of Chapter III, when the subtitle gets amended - we could have potentially seen him go on to kill again, so why not? He could have swam after her and kept her as a trophy, in the more macabre endings to the various sickening films tat I've seen, including Silence of the Lambs, with the killer making clothing out of the victim's skins.

You've barely scratched the surface here and I felt it was a shame not to exploit it further, but what do I know? Still, that said, I look forward to some of your other projects, with great interest.

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AlanZucconi responds:

Thank you for your review!
My main inspiration for the storyline was "The Body" from AwkwardSilenceGames.
I was willing to explore the concept started in that game with RAPTUS, providing more details although trying to keep the same dark atmosphere.

My idea is that He's neither a maniac nor a stalker. He really loves Her, even in the end. He loves Her so much that now she belongs to him forever. His love was pure, but after killing her, He couldn't turn back to fix the past. He had to carry on, and do what He had to do.
I left the question of "what happened?" un-answered on purpose. I have a couple of theories, but you are the one who have to fill the gaps. This is why in the end you can decide what to do with his life, as well as with your guiltiness.

However, the original version of RAPTUS was much much much *much* more violent and sexually explicit. But I decided to "smooth" it a little bit. What a shame! :-p

The "frustration" of "He's too slow! Scrooolll faaasteeeeer" is absolutely intended. Something similar has been made in "Pathos" from "BitBattalion". In RAPTUS, you are so frustrated about the slow-factor that you have to release your rage in the first "raptus" scene. Too bad that every click that you have made was bending His will a little bit more every time...

Not the best

I think that you need to make the controls a lot more responsive, as otherwise the computer can beat you at lower difficulties, with ease. I like the way that the two games come together with brick breaker and pong, but you need to work harder to get the blend right.

Try having different coloured blocks and put the powerups in there at random positions - having them float down the board for the players to catch with the ball is ridiculous. Hit a certain block and get multiball, for example, which in a game like this could really work. The other interface thing I didn't like was the fact that you can kill yourself off by missing the ball by a fraction of an inch. Have the ball pass through the paddle on the way back past, otherwise stretching to reach it could be game over.

While I can see the entertainment value of 4Play, that's something that I can't really test as a single player / reviewer. Needing 4 friends to crowd around a single keyboard is nearly impossible, so getting 4 players on 4 different computers would save a lot of fighting, but would cause a programming headache, no doubt.

A mute button would be nice as well. That, or some sound effects for the balls bouncing off the paddles and then different sounds for the blocks etc.

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JPB responds:

Controls: are you sure your keyboard is working? :P I guess the speed of the paddles could be bigger
Blend of games/Powerups: I see what you mean, should've thought out the game more, I do happen to be slowly recoding the game (have in mind this probably wont ever see the light of the day), and am trying out other ways of implementing the powerups, I was thinking about making a slot machine for the powerups (a la sonic casino night zone)
Multiball: Why did I forget multiball!!!111!!!1!1!1 that would've been some epic chaotic fun
Mute button: there is one (below the scoreboard, I'm pretty sure you can also press M, I dont remenber if I put this in this game or in another)
4play/online: I looked into smartfox server, NOPE.jpg

Thanks for the review!


Wow, that's the worse single use of Iron Maiden I have ever seen on a flash production. I'm not sure whether the guys would be flattered or just a little peeved that you put their music to a piece like this.

Clearly you're not that bothered, but I'll give you my feelings on this anyway, with the piece struggling to look at least halfway decent, even with the music of one of the greatest Metal Acts of all time playing in the background. To start with, don't restart Hallowed Be Thy Name each time one of the shorter combat tunes concludes - that track is about 8-9 minutes long, so you can get through the game in about two play throughs of that track.

The interface looks poorly drawn and as a result there are one or two things I could not recognise - the Bobby Pin in the inventory, for example looks ridiculous. Why not have an inventory that doesn't show what you haven't got?

If I'm honest, the gameplay reminded me of a scales down version of Frank's Adventure, though it needs a lot of work to come up to the standard of that game - some interactive sex scenes would have been more expected, to be honest, rather than cartoon porn in postcard format. Why not have a menu that you can look through the library of what you've discovered so far? Work on the art that you guys actually did yourselves and make the games better as a result.

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Yomuchan responds:

The idea of the sex kitten series is to parody badly-done 'hentai games', so yes - being 'halfway decent' is the game plan. I'm glad people think it that way.

A user-navigable gallery? That's actually a brilliant idea. And yes, the arts need some improvement; drawing with a ball-mouse can only get me so far.

I appreciate your feedback, man. Thanks!.

Nice game

A bit of a concept that I've seen done before and a little more basic, if I must say so - the gravity only reverses two directions, as opposed to 4 ways in certain gravity flip games that I've seen before, which, while making the gameplay and the programming harder, they also offer a lot more of a challenge.

I like that you've offered us a plot for this piece, though between levels, it seems absent, which was a shame - the start of the game built so much around there being black holes and this being a quest to get through as many of them as possible, to find the way to the end, so putting a little more in there, perhaps every other level, or even every five levels or so would have given you something much more to pass the time with and flesh the game out.

Nothing makes it stand alone, which is a shame, but the game is there and it is a reasonably accomplished work, of which I'd like to see more from you.

[Review Request Club]

ProfessorFlash responds:

Well from a coding point of view the gravity that would go 4 ways isn't any harder to do, but I felt the controls would get too complicated that way. With two side gravity I can use one button to change, with 4 ways, the changing gets little more complicated from the players perspective. So I didn't wanna tackle that problem with this game.

Thanks for the review, and you will see more from me next year :).


Okay, so now I'm going to have to go back in time and finish William and Sly, but that's beside the point. This is a major graphical boost, compared to W&S, since everything looks smoother, the gameplay is sleeker, with the ability to double jump / fly being somewhat prevalent, after you've unlocked it.

Overall, I feel that with the loss of the darklings to divert or distract you in this game, it seems a lot easier to play now, with just the problems of remembering where all of the chests were that you spotted earlier in the game. Because it's only flashed up on screen and I've not run past it, apparently, it won't show up on the mini map, which seems odd. I can understand hiding some of the journal pages, which are in the more difficult to reach locations, but hiding a chest which I've seen in passing about a dozen times, because I can't find enough keys to unlock the chest of the Water crystal spirit from my sight wasn't the nicest of mechanics. I found this odd, seeing as you appear to have made all aspects of the game easier to play.

I love the new graphics and it's really something that's raised the bar in your latest venture. I love the puzzles and that now we can see into these additional cave areas, because that was one part that really got my goat with W&S. Now we can see where Sly is, though I'd have liked to see more of William in the piece. Some of the journal pieces could have been made into some sort of FMV, perhaps with a voice actor to play William, as he narrates it all. Why not have a set journal piece for each location and the story could get jumbled up, as you collect them? Perhaps it's just a piece, illustrated with images and read out at the end, who knows? A special ending for completing 100%, perhaps.

[Review Request Club]

Kajenx responds:

Thanks for the review! Lots of fair points. :)

Also, thanks for getting all the metals, now I don't have to play through for the 10th time today. :#


Wow, those controls are surprisingly hard to master, considering that they are based 45 degrees to the true planes that you're working along. I was really struggling to get going and then the spike traps really got me on the first run, so maybe I'll come back to them later... much later.

Not that I'm put off, this game is pretty neat, with good puzzles, decent music and pretty funny graphics, which keep everything together, giving a very nice presentation to the final product, which I'm surprised to say has not achieved anything spectacular, with a score of just over 3.5, no medals and all of this despite having medals attached to it! Surprising, to say the least.

If I were to suggest anything major, I'd rotate the screen, so that the controls are easier, because I've played a few games in my time and I think it would make the game easier to play and therefore more accessible to the masses, should they be after a good Indiana Jones / Ancient Egyptian themed game.

Just a quick aside, when you get resurrected, it's almost like you were cuboy, which I found a nice way of flattering Messrs Arbuckle and Dennis, for their aforementioned work.

Keep up the good work, give us more games and medals to play with, I'll be back to see if I can achieve the medals for this momentarily!

[Review Request Club]

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Yeah, the 45 degreesness was a terrible idea. It looks cool, and I'm well versed in old isometric games which had these sort of controls Mario RPG etc so its the norm to me, not realising how different it is to control for anyone else...

Rotating the entire thing 45 degrees is easy in code, remove lines and tada, the problem is all of the art assets require being drawn at a different angle so it wont be an update to the game. If there is a sequel however, it will be straight on!


I am the fucking bomb, apparently

Not bad, but a few issues that need resolving, before I'll call it great.

I like the quirkiness to this game, with the idea that you're effectively trying to recreate Elvis in a porcine form, which of course has its own hilarious offshoots. The music is fun, as are the sound effects, though with how long it took me to get into the game, means that either I suck or the game does a little. I'm willing to go so far as to say both, because I'm not the greatest gamer out there.

1) The controls - why does the pig bounce? I can understand that being a hefty porker, it would slowly come back down towards earth, when you direct it upward. However, if you direct it down to the bottom of the screen, it will bounce off the cloud cover and fly back upwards (usually into some spinach, but that's just my luck). I was wondering if the physics programming had gone a little awry.

2) I think it would benefit from levels or days to get from being a basic pig to being worthy of being a joint of the best pork product that money can buy, just by being cool. Perhaps you can buy upgrades, like the Elvis wig and various other accessories / improved controls, such as are features of similar themed games on the market.

3) In your plot, I'm not sure that you explain why or how Barry can fly. Just a little issue that I have here and I'd like to see it addressed, for clarification, if I'm honest.

Certainly a game worthy of losing an afternoon on, I'll be honest.

[Review Request Club]

ArtyomL responds:

Thanks Coop,
Yes, an upgrade system is indeed a great way to make a game addictive, but I didn't want to implement it here. Maybe next time...
As for the fact that Barry is flying, I didn't explain much because I wanted to keep the obscure feel of the game. I wanted the player to kind of not understand what is happening, but just take it as if it had to be that way. Like in a dream. Or a tripout.
Anyway, people seem to hate the controls, I'll keep it in mind.

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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