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Nice game

A bit of a concept that I've seen done before and a little more basic, if I must say so - the gravity only reverses two directions, as opposed to 4 ways in certain gravity flip games that I've seen before, which, while making the gameplay and the programming harder, they also offer a lot more of a challenge.

I like that you've offered us a plot for this piece, though between levels, it seems absent, which was a shame - the start of the game built so much around there being black holes and this being a quest to get through as many of them as possible, to find the way to the end, so putting a little more in there, perhaps every other level, or even every five levels or so would have given you something much more to pass the time with and flesh the game out.

Nothing makes it stand alone, which is a shame, but the game is there and it is a reasonably accomplished work, of which I'd like to see more from you.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Well from a coding point of view the gravity that would go 4 ways isn't any harder to do, but I felt the controls would get too complicated that way. With two side gravity I can use one button to change, with 4 ways, the changing gets little more complicated from the players perspective. So I didn't wanna tackle that problem with this game.

Thanks for the review, and you will see more from me next year :).


Okay, so now I'm going to have to go back in time and finish William and Sly, but that's beside the point. This is a major graphical boost, compared to W&S, since everything looks smoother, the gameplay is sleeker, with the ability to double jump / fly being somewhat prevalent, after you've unlocked it.

Overall, I feel that with the loss of the darklings to divert or distract you in this game, it seems a lot easier to play now, with just the problems of remembering where all of the chests were that you spotted earlier in the game. Because it's only flashed up on screen and I've not run past it, apparently, it won't show up on the mini map, which seems odd. I can understand hiding some of the journal pages, which are in the more difficult to reach locations, but hiding a chest which I've seen in passing about a dozen times, because I can't find enough keys to unlock the chest of the Water crystal spirit from my sight wasn't the nicest of mechanics. I found this odd, seeing as you appear to have made all aspects of the game easier to play.

I love the new graphics and it's really something that's raised the bar in your latest venture. I love the puzzles and that now we can see into these additional cave areas, because that was one part that really got my goat with W&S. Now we can see where Sly is, though I'd have liked to see more of William in the piece. Some of the journal pieces could have been made into some sort of FMV, perhaps with a voice actor to play William, as he narrates it all. Why not have a set journal piece for each location and the story could get jumbled up, as you collect them? Perhaps it's just a piece, illustrated with images and read out at the end, who knows? A special ending for completing 100%, perhaps.

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Kajenx responds:

Thanks for the review! Lots of fair points. :)

Also, thanks for getting all the metals, now I don't have to play through for the 10th time today. :#

Like it, but...

This game is great, with a lot of features, except where it really matters, from my point of view. The game itself has a nice varied play style, with various players graded according to their skill levels. I think the learning curve of the players abilities was set a little high, as by the end of the first tournaments, you've gone from blind players with Parkinson's to some of the world's top 32. People play in pubs and clubs that aren't that good, so why have them shut out of the tournaments by "world class" AI?

When you come to take shots, there are some shots that I wouldn't have attempted in the hall myself, had I been able to get down and look at it from a normal player's point of view. Perhaps the "cue view" is what you need, to allow the player a sighter, in order that you don't try for a speculative red and flick the green in passing, which from above looked possible, but from table level looks so bad, that you really need your eyes testing, had you decided to take it on.

The physics of the table seems screwed up - so many times, I find myself going in off, without there being a natural angle from contact to the pocket. The cushions seem as hard as a pool table's, which is mechanically wrong, taking some of the skill out of the game, because it loses the feel of playing actual snooker.

Maybe there needs to be a few tutorials in the game, such as how to use side, screw and top-spin, to benefit you during the game. I think that this game is one of the best out there, but it really needs to tweak a little to get the most out of it.

Oh and I'd love to see medals in this game, just like in your Pool simulators, as I'm addicted to this one as well.

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Wow, those controls are surprisingly hard to master, considering that they are based 45 degrees to the true planes that you're working along. I was really struggling to get going and then the spike traps really got me on the first run, so maybe I'll come back to them later... much later.

Not that I'm put off, this game is pretty neat, with good puzzles, decent music and pretty funny graphics, which keep everything together, giving a very nice presentation to the final product, which I'm surprised to say has not achieved anything spectacular, with a score of just over 3.5, no medals and all of this despite having medals attached to it! Surprising, to say the least.

If I were to suggest anything major, I'd rotate the screen, so that the controls are easier, because I've played a few games in my time and I think it would make the game easier to play and therefore more accessible to the masses, should they be after a good Indiana Jones / Ancient Egyptian themed game.

Just a quick aside, when you get resurrected, it's almost like you were cuboy, which I found a nice way of flattering Messrs Arbuckle and Dennis, for their aforementioned work.

Keep up the good work, give us more games and medals to play with, I'll be back to see if I can achieve the medals for this momentarily!

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SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Yeah, the 45 degreesness was a terrible idea. It looks cool, and I'm well versed in old isometric games which had these sort of controls Mario RPG etc so its the norm to me, not realising how different it is to control for anyone else...

Rotating the entire thing 45 degrees is easy in code, remove lines and tada, the problem is all of the art assets require being drawn at a different angle so it wont be an update to the game. If there is a sequel however, it will be straight on!


Limited by graphics and gameplay

Sorry, but I think that you can do so much more with this piece - the game is what I've come to expect from lesser known people making pieces around 100k in size. I know that Tom was able to make a piece that was awesome in that size, but there seems to be so much more involved these days.

Right, the music and sound effects were a little quiet, everything seemed to be just a little slow to react on the controls side of things - it seemed to move in a jerky fashion, as opposed to smoothly, which was something that games in the 80s weren't guilty of.

I'd suggest that you take this further by adding colour to the proceedings, giving the piece something better in the way of music and clearing up the programming issues, to stop it from seeming such a mess. If you take those things out of the equation, it wasn't a bad game, so there is a chance that you can make it better, so stick with it.

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Good game

Okay, while I have isses with the controls, overall, this is a good game, with a good level of playability and the medals just add to the attraction, giving an addictive little aside that people just want to play more of.

The sound is good, as is the opening animation, though without actually having the skill to complete the game at the moment, I lack a bit of knowledge, such as the meaning of life (i.e. the game itself) and the game does throw you in at the deep end, without much of a tutorial. By telling us that W keeps him flying, I had to deduce that A, S and D were used to work as you corresponding controls. I was given no indication as to the meanings of the various things floating by and only stuff like Pizza slices and bottles marked H2O would really give an indication that they would do me good, so it was pretty much a trial and error approach to playing the game.

If I were to work through it, I'd need a more responsive set of controls, a slightly more detailed tutorial and perhaps a level setting, where Mike goes through various different trips over different days of the week. Yes, the tutorial is in the notes, but having an interactive tutorial is much better for the users, as not everyone reads the author's comments (I do, but that's because of the fact I'm a reviewer)

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I am the fucking bomb, apparently

Not bad, but a few issues that need resolving, before I'll call it great.

I like the quirkiness to this game, with the idea that you're effectively trying to recreate Elvis in a porcine form, which of course has its own hilarious offshoots. The music is fun, as are the sound effects, though with how long it took me to get into the game, means that either I suck or the game does a little. I'm willing to go so far as to say both, because I'm not the greatest gamer out there.

1) The controls - why does the pig bounce? I can understand that being a hefty porker, it would slowly come back down towards earth, when you direct it upward. However, if you direct it down to the bottom of the screen, it will bounce off the cloud cover and fly back upwards (usually into some spinach, but that's just my luck). I was wondering if the physics programming had gone a little awry.

2) I think it would benefit from levels or days to get from being a basic pig to being worthy of being a joint of the best pork product that money can buy, just by being cool. Perhaps you can buy upgrades, like the Elvis wig and various other accessories / improved controls, such as are features of similar themed games on the market.

3) In your plot, I'm not sure that you explain why or how Barry can fly. Just a little issue that I have here and I'd like to see it addressed, for clarification, if I'm honest.

Certainly a game worthy of losing an afternoon on, I'll be honest.

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ArtyomL responds:

Thanks Coop,
Yes, an upgrade system is indeed a great way to make a game addictive, but I didn't want to implement it here. Maybe next time...
As for the fact that Barry is flying, I didn't explain much because I wanted to keep the obscure feel of the game. I wanted the player to kind of not understand what is happening, but just take it as if it had to be that way. Like in a dream. Or a tripout.
Anyway, people seem to hate the controls, I'll keep it in mind.

Anoying, but highly addictive

Wow, I've never ached so much after about 40 minutes on a PC before. A game is really addictive when it holds you in positions that give you cramp, from repeating the same level over and over again. This was just the boss on world 1!

The main issue I had with this game was that the difficulty curve was more of a cliff - picking up the key and trying to beat that bloody spirit thing was the most difficult thing to perform ever. It becomes a lot more difficult on World 4-4, but that's because the boss fires rings that follow you around with erratic patterns as well.

Perhaps the difficulty of unlocking the other characters could be lessened ever so slightly? I mean, you should be able to unlock a new character on the first level with the basic abilities, right? Some of the abilities need to be auto trigger as well, because what's the point of having the ability to rewind time if you have to click to make it active just in case you die. If you've got the power, then it should be ready to use in the even of the unforeseen.

I like this game, don't get me wrong - it's going to frustrate and annoy me for the foreseeable future, but I'm going to get some enjoyment out of it - kind of like playing my way through Metal Slug. I'm rubbish at it, but I might get some grim satisfaction from actually beating the game! At least this way, I'll pick up some medals.

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Good, but some issues

I think that this is a well thought through piece, though I'm not sure about why you would theme this around Halloween, since the stuff that you would focus on for that would be vampires, which isn't going to help anyone with wanting to give blood, surely?

The programming was decent and so was the message, though I won't be rushing out to give blood. It's not that I don't approve, I just have a really awful thing about needles, so nice try.

A good set of questions and a well balanced set of breaks, to avoid having to restart the entire quiz from the start. Between the sets, there was one part where the witch on the broomstick flew past and the animation jumped back a few frames, before progressing to the next part of the quiz. I found this strange. Also, on one of the sets, I got a later question in the set wrong and had to restart the segment - the music started again, over the top of the currently playing track. This was probably the worst niggle in the game possible, so that desperately needs working on.

On top of that, I thought I got the penultimate question wrong and still got sent through to the final question that warns you about dropping back to question 10. I assume that it was the end of the quiz, but never made the step, to check.

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IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you. The reasons for giving it a halloween theme were as follows:
1. We were hoping to get in the H 2011 collection
2. We thought it would be fun to make it look like a horror submission with the title "I want your blood"
3. I wanted to re-use the funky buttons
4. I thought the theme would be a bit more lively than just blood donation
5. We were aiming for submission at that time

I had an awful thing about needles- I fainted at a blood test- pervesely that is part of the reason why I did it- I don't have that thing any more. There are no excuses- just do it!

the witch thing is annoying, I can't see why she does that, it should be a simple tween- I will redo it yet a gain and try to fix it.

I will test my way through the music again.

There are no right answers to the penultimate question!

Why didn't you? How daft- you missed a big chunk!

Over-complicated layout

The information was there, but when considering the layout of a piece like a tutorial, try to make it flow. I want to see a piece telling me the steps in order. I don't like to be treated like someone who does not understand the concept that page 2 follows page 1 and that every time I've seen a page, I need to go back to the contents. Yes, the contents option is great, but there should be an option to just continue.

... Oh, it does. I'm sorry, the buttons got confusing, by putting B and F on them - why not have arrows, pointing one way and another? Yes, I understand that your tutorial covers buttons and you need to show off that you can make them, but designing functionality into the button really helps. Hell, even if it said "forward" and "back", this would be a step forward on making it more user friendly.

I'm not sure about the choice of music, but thankfully, you had given us a pause button, so thank you for the small mercy there.

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Phantox responds:

What do you mean by "every time I've seen a page, I need to go back to the contents. Yes, the contents option is great, but there should be an option to just continue."? I tested this out to make sure it wasn't a bug and it leads goes step by step and not to the index.

Now that you mention it, I could have made it easier to follow with arrow buttons.

The music was chosen after playing Ocarina of Time for the first time in years. That song was my favorite from the whole game.

Thanks for your review

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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