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Good clean fun

How much fun can you have with one game? Well, this would be that action game that keeps me coming back for more, be it harsh beatings, when I can seemingly do no right, or the polar opposite, when I'm just untouchable, making all of my opponents bow down before me.

From start to finish, I have found this game brilliant, with the gameplay and the addictive qualities. The differing weapons make a difference to the gameplay as things progress and after that, you've got different armour sets, which are largely aesthetic. If they had something to do with the game, such as they gave you a shield recharge rate that was different, more health, or something similar, I'd appreciate it, though they all seem much of a muchness.

Yes, with the 8 team death match at the end of the game, it does get a little frantic and sometimes I feel that the controls aren't quite as responsive as they could be (walking into walls, pulling the trigger, while pointing the other way, despite me moving the mouse to where I want to shoot, that sort of thing), but I'm still highly impressed.

I'd certainly recommend this game to one and all, as it's a great way for people to enjoy themselves, while spending time here. Now, if you could get multiplayer on this, that would be the next phase...

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Incredibly addictive

Wow, the game is a lot better than the previous versions I've managed to play and the fact that you can sustain these games for even longer now just makes things even more enjoyable to play and continue with.

The concept is simple, the graphics good and the whole piece a very pleasant game for all of the family. While it might feel easy in the early going, the increasing speed of the faces and the random nature of their movements is certainly an increasing challenge - what's the highest combo that you can get for a medal? I've managed 50, but failed soon afterwards.

If I made one change to the game mechanics, I'd set it to WASD to change the colours, as having fingers spread across four keys in a row seems just a little unnatural, since PC gaming has gotten me used to those keys over the years. Are the powerups supposed to disappear on Level Up? I found it strange that the enemies disappeared as well, but that can be worked with. However, in other games of this type that I've played, the power ups stay, so that you can recover.

I hope that the medals for this game are approved soon, as this would certainly help you to get more recognition for the piece that you've made here. One week in and we've seen over 1,000 views per day, which is a start, but with medals approved, this could be prolonged.

Congratulations in your Daily 5th and I hope to see you with more awards at some point!

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What was the point of this?

I really don't see what the point of this is - I've tried clicking everything and going through the motions to try and make sense of this game for you, but to little avail. What I would suggest is that you give us an end goal of the game - the original Tam-o-gotchi has the goal to make the creature grow up big and strong, so they could either leave home, or keep them dependant, so they eventually die in your care.

I think that the design looks decent and that's the reason behind the stars, but you need to put a lot more effort in to make it a good flash project - without that, it's just another game and a pretty poor one at that.

With the way that you can change the colour of your "blop", that's a little extreme after they are already there. Yes, the hairstyle, I can see, but the colour should be fixed from when it's born, or appears, or however you see it as working.

I've never advocated gaining "smarts" from either watching TV or listening to the radio. Work, by using a pneumatic drill to smash apart some block of wood or stone is a decent way to earn money, but making it a "click as fast as you can" mini game makes it get very old, very quick. Perhaps stimulation could be gained from mini games, such as chess, checkers and so forth?

This piece needs a lot of work, just to ascend to "average", I'm afraid.

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up-a-notch responds:

ok thanks

Assassin's Creed Truth Lite!

Well, this game does show glimmers of the sort of thing you are asked to do during Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood, where you are looking for hidden clues and meanings within the paintings. I think that while you've done a decent job here, there is still room for improvement:

The hint for riddle 13 is a poorly worded. Personally, I would have said that the fountain is the sculpture that shoots the water forth, not the pool, to which you referred as the fountain. Clearing this up makes the hint less ambiguous and overall a better game, as I confess, I had to dig out a walkthrough, before I could move past this part of the game.

Medals are always good and this game is no exception - why not have the pictures tell some sort of story, like the DaVinci code or Assassin's Creed, since there needs to be something that the artists were saying. Obviously, there is a great deal of (mis)interpretation going on around these images and perhaps it would lead you to discover the whereabouts of the Holy Grail (Montsegur, in France is always a popular destination, though that avenue might already have been tried.)

Clearly, it's taken a lot of time and effort for research and so forth, so keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more from you!

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Hipolyta, but for skaters

Not a bad game at all - a decent concept, which was a little tricky to master, even on easy mode, since you had just a little too fine a gap for controls there, until I realised that you could just hold down "jump" to stay airborne for longer.

I liked the simplicity of the layout for the piece - the tetris blocks gave it the look of Tetris'd, plus the music was nicely selected and not annoying, which I thought it might become over time, which was a relief to see.

Perhaps the next step is to incorporate this into some sort of story mode, so that the tutorial is completed as part of that and from there, you can have the character progress, with more rapid fire obstacles, a plot unveiling itself, the further you get and even some other bits and pieces, which I can't think of right now.

Very encouraging, I look forward to seeing more of your work :)

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The-One-Banana responds:

Thanks for a very encouraging review! I'll try to make my next game much more engaging with your suggestions.

Painful version of a classic

I hate to say this, because I am quite partial to a little Mahjong from time to time. The ripping sound that you chose to use for the removal of the tiles seems so out of place, that I felt I wasn't really in the game and on top of that, the detail of the pieces seemed quite difficult to understand.

Playing with four suits made it difficult, as you had the circles, bamboo and "wan" sets, which all explained themselves easily, then there was a fourth set, which seemed vaguely akin to the flowers and seasons, which in other games can be removed with any other tile of it's kind. Having spring remove summer, autumn or winter, while plum blossom can pair up with chrysanthemum, bamboo or orchid gives the player a little leverage that can change the game.

I noticed that sometimes when I pressed shuffle, the tiles didn't seem to move. Perhaps some sort of programming code is needed to stop a tile landing in the same place? Also, when the number of available moves decreased to zero, the shuffle button should really flash, so that the player knows not to waste time.

Finally, when you pause the game, would it be better to get the game screen taken away, since otherwise players could cheat their way to the top of the leaderboard, by not taking hints and searching for the moves that would most benefit them.

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Not bad, but...

I can see room for improvement here. You've got a good scoring system that puts the person's ability to recognise letters and hand-eye coordination to the test, but there were a couple of things that I think could be done to improve it:

1) Have the same grid for all of the words - remove the letters that have been clicked and slide them down, before replacing with new letters from the top. That way people play along with an evolving grid that doesn't confuse them, by making them have to search for the letters which have been shuffled all the time.

2) Throw challenges out there - if a certain letter gets to the bottom, the player loses a life, points or the like. Then it's up to them to spell words with that letter in, or avoid the letters underneath until a word with that letter crops up.

Other than that, you've got a nice game laid out here. Good graphics, good gameplay, slightly annoying childish "level up" and "time bonus" comments, but you can't like everything :P

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Lacks direction

What we have here is a decent game, that is pretty easy to fathom out (for the basics), but it really suffers, as it seems that there are no clear-cut boundaries for the play, no plot of any sort to adhere to (the benchmark that you seem to be aiming for is something along the lines of Epic Battle Fantasy, I'd guess) and you end up as a player wandering around trying to get your bearings.

Solve this by having an introduction, giving us some back story to the characters, what they are doing here and why they are doing it. This could lead to a few Final Fantasy style cutscenes in the middle and a longer one at the end.

Where this piece for me really falls down was that I was thrown in at the deep end and I pretty much drowned. To prevent this, some sort of tutorial on how the interface works would also help. Sure, the game of charades that you played with us and the picture cards for the action sub-menus was a little easy to figure out, but you'll get hold of a much improved demographic of players, if you appeal to as many people as possible.

So much potential, I'd love to see you develop this more and get to somewhere that may prove this game even more rewarding.

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Decent effort

I think that you're getting the hang of Games Factory workings nicely here, though the game could still use some work, to make it pan out properly.

The stages seem a little long and having to spam press S to fire is a bit of a problem. Consider having some sort of programming that allows it to "auto fire", just by holding the button down. How exactly are you supposed to shoot laser fire out of the sky? I don't know the physics of it myself, but I was doing it with pretty good accuracy.

Some of the powerups, while useful seemed pointless, when there was just the one type. There is no score, so there feels to be no end goal and motivation to progress with the game, so adding a score tracker would encourage people to continue and maybe even to take more risks within the game, so they can get greater score? Higher points for the grey asteroids, as opposed to the brown ones, perhaps?

Keep working at it, you've got a decent concept, so just developing it a bit will be very rewarding for this game.

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ninty96zie responds:

I wasn't going to add a score.. as this is an adventure game, and the first part only lasts for about 1 minute and a half, i might however include a score based free play space battle mode, rather than add score to the actual game, thank you for the review though :D

Nice little game

I've seen this format of game before and it's a nice way to kill a few minutes, but the game comes across as aimed at a different demographic than mine. Still, I gave it a shot and there's a surprising amount of skill involved for a game that initially presents itself as simple.

I think that the balance was needed between the music (or lack thereof) within the game was a factor in the lack of an overall experience with it - perhaps consider a soundtrack, which can be muted at the player's discretion. Granted, it makes the files slightly larger, but when you're talking this small, you'd only push it up to about 500kb.

The graphics are of a good standard and I think that with the large variety of teddy bears available on the market, perhaps you could have a small range of collectables that you can pick up during levels (would these give powerups?) and even a small range of different bears available to play as.

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gameonade responds:

Wow, it is great review. Thank you for excellent ideas. I'm not sure that I will be able to do this in this version of the game (as it wasn't prepare for this) - but in the some sort of sequel I will definately do different teddy bears and some upgrades to select between the levels.

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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