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I couldn't get into it

Right, I read the instructions and had a go, but the game is just too annoying, even on easy to get into. Programming issues really took away from the prospect of this being entertaining, as clicking the ball between the centre and the lowest point should still send it upwards, not down faster.

The music annoyed the crap out of me - every time tou restarted the level, the tune went from the beginning, which after one play through was bad enough, but to have the same snatch of tune a) really doesn't do the audio any justice and b) more than puts you off your game.

Touch pads are not designed for a game like this - if you want to play this game, a mouse is recommended. A shame I didn't know that before trying to play.

Now, to balance it somewhat, the graphics were quite good - the font for the instructions was quite annoying, but other than that, it was an aesthetic work, that was let down by the game mechanics, the physics and the programming. Work on those areas and the game could easily become passable, I'm sure.

Clearly, the voting public don't pay enough attention to a critically flawed piece such as this to reject, so that the modifications could have been made in the first place, eh?

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Gimmick responds:

1) I understand, I'll add a mute button. I actually didn't know that there was no mute button until now X|
2) Ah, well. Some types of games are just not built for touchpads. Any suggestions to improve?
3) Okay.

I'll submit a better version based on all you guys' feedback, thanks for the review.

It's been done

Yes, it's a novel piece of programming, but a user named Cyberdevil did this idea literally to death a few years back. Granted, yours is more all encompassing than his, but it's still a direct port to the Audio Portal, though severely limited.

A play / pause button should be able to play and pause the track. This just plays a new track from the start over the top of it, making the whole thing a horrid mess. You really need to work on the programming, to make things like this work, even something as basic as a program like this one.

Ideas to go forward that I could give you would include a playlist function - something that prior to the 2011/2012 redesign, the Audio Portal does not have, where you line up half a dozen or so tracks and let them fly. This could also be incorporated with a random "shuffle" function, where people could tab certain genres that they wish to listen to, which could generate a few bits and pieces to assist the user. A display feature, which shows a few key pieces of information about the track - genre, title, author, date and so forth would be useful, otherwise, I'm not seeing any benefit in listening to a piece from the Audio Portal, without actually going there myself.

What's the target market? Are you aiming to export this to other sites and have people come to Newgrounds from there? If so and your programming works, a great little piece of viral marketing. If not, this seems to be a dead end piece that you've merely used for practice.

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Surn responds:

I looked up Cyberdevil's account and I didn't see anything that looked like any audio programs. So to those out of the know I should be safe.

As for the play pause button, it does actually pause and play the music, (at least when I try it). I tried it with 3 different songs and it works properly. What I did find, in light of your statement, was that it does malfunction if you try it before the song is loaded. Perhaps there are technical difficulties on your end.

As for your suggestions on improvements/additions they would be indeed nice to have. I do believe I could integrate a user-specified playlist function and perhaps even a shuffle function for that too. However, that's not the point of what I'm going for with this. As for genre specifications/filters, that would also be nice to have, especially if there are particular genres one find offensive (like rap). If I could make it I probably would. As for title. author and date (ID3 information) I can do that, but it only works as a desktop application. I was going for simplicity with this application, so minimalism/lack of other functions is arguably it's charm.

As for not seeing the advantage of this: its primary use is to automatically play songs one-by-one as the user does other things like animate or play Minecraft. When one song finishes or is skipped the player automatically pulls and plays the one before it without need for user input. With just the audio portal, you could accomplish the same effect by sitting there listening to the song, subtracting 1 from the audio number and hitting enter when you're done with the song- but then it would require more attention.

As for my target audience I really didn't have one in mind. As for my goal: I mainly wanted to make a more convenient way to listen to the recent audio portal submissions while otherwise occupied. I thought "hey, why not make it a flash submission? Other people might like it.". So I sent it into Newgrounds.

Thanks for reviewing.

Am I supposed to review the music?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, this isn't really a Halloween piece, so if you're going to try and get that sorted, generally people need something scary, as opposed to mournful - that would be for All Saints Day, on November 1st, when all of the horrors have gone to bed for another year and the good in the world comes out to clear up the mess.

I've watched this piece, clicked all that I could and found nothing scary, creepy or indeed worthy of Halloween, to be honest. The buildup spent far too long to get to a bit of a damp squib of an ending, so I'd recommend that you go back to the drawing board and get something a little less long-winded and boring, to give us more entertainment, otherwise the warnings just make it even more of an anti-climax.

Switching the character for other bits and pieces weren't enough to keep me entertained for the duration of the song, so I was quite disappointed with the presentation as a whole.

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Pienkaito responds:

I guess, you didn't find that final (and true) ending of the interactive animation.
Because that was why there's a warning in the first place. =P

Anyway, I'm sorry for letting you down.
It was never indeed to be scary. (except for that one part)
I wanted to create an atmosphere, that varies on different people.
Some people found it depressing and some found it calm. There were a few people who think that this was actually scary, because of the weird shit that is happening.

Like I said, I'm sorry for the disappointment, but I'm still thankful for the well-written review.

Some skill involved, but not addictive enough

I think that this game has potential, though in needs some sort of other gimmick to set it aside from the other sorts of games available to the casual consumer. If you get someone to look at your game, you need a big juicy carrot to keep them coming back for more.

Yes, there is a certain degree of skill involved in the game, which I appreciate. After a few levels, it starts to make my wrist hurt, so I need to consider wrist supports for the benefit of playing the game.

A plain white background takes so much out of the game - you can quite easily throw other images in there and get yourself more of a name, almost instantaneously. The music is fairly generic, as is the message of the game - collect a set number of coins to pass this level. Why not have to collect a coin, deliver it to a container and then go after others? That's a little more programming, something different within the game mechanics and the player is even more thoroughly tested.

The physics of the game were decent, but there is no way to tell what is going to happen, in different areas of the board. Sure, it's a reaction test, but what about objects that you can move, such as fans for side-to side movement, platforms you can bounce off, gravity plates that pull you in towards spikes, repulsor plates that push you away in the same way and so forth? These things affect certain areas and the skillful players not only use their motor functions to navigate these mazes, but also their forward planning skills, to get through as quickly as possible.

Make some sort of timed scoring system, so that there can be a leaderboard and the most determined and chisel-jawed among us can really prove our worth to the wider world. I've thought about this for minutes and have come up with a decent shopping list of things you need to do, before you will progress beyond the limitations of this game, as it currently is.

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norfor22 responds:

Thank you for reviewing this game :)

I will think about making this game a little more of a puzzle then a.."platform" game(although it's not realy a platform game :P).
Thanks for your suggestions!

Good, but limited

Don't get me wrong, this is a great game that has frankly huge potential available to you. The problem is that it starts off too advanced. Mining doesn't start with a well set up town and some pretty fancy drilling equipment, then gradually improve the equipment over time.

PERSONALLY, I'd have started off on some backwater asteroid or planet and only be able to mine a few resources from it, either by hand, or with limited extraction tools. When you get the commodities to the surface, you can choose to store them in a warehouse, which will cost you, but the price of your commodity might go up on the international markets. Keep an eye on the news, to see what sort of things are happening out in space and what resources are required, as rival companies step up production or hit snags on their own projects.

Yes, there was a decided lack of end goal to this game, as once you've got all of the medals, you're left with a map that looks like a Swiss cheese, still studded with ores and so forth across the map. I'd love to see the map which you can zoom out on, to see where you have been digging and have a lot still to explore around, as there are pockets like that on the map, as I can't do the "hellevator" trick, until I'm really advanced in the game and by then, it's just become a little boring.

The graphics are fun and so is the gameplay in the early going, though I'd have liked to see you make more of this game, since you're clearly capable. For research, I'd suggest "Diggers", the 1990s computer game, which would be a logical progression for this game to take.

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Nice, but slow

Don't get me wrong, this game looks like Madness and it seems like there is going to be a good story within it, but you've made the controls slow, clunky and a little unresponsive for me.

The artwork is fantastic, it's not traditional Madness, as you've given us a little more colour than we are used to, but that's how you make it your own style, within a style. I did enjoy playing as both Hank and Sanford, as they both have differing abilities, which really helps to give the game a new dynamic, which I've not seen in other Madness games available to the discerning consumer.

To couple with the slow controls, the idea that you can only move left or right really hampers the game - you can jump, but not crouch and not being able to move in three dimensions within the game area makes the game seem less technically accomplished than Streets of Rage. The speed that projectiles fly through the air isn't up to much and I'd say that everything needs a good dose of tempo, to bring it up to scratch. Working on the control issues will help you, as you could bring cover into play. Sure, all of the mobs of goons don't fire at the same time, which makes it seem like they are lining up for me to kill them.

I have every faith that you can improve this game thoroughly!

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Spudzy responds:

Thanks for the nice and honest review.

Not really Lemmings, is it?

Yes, it looks and sounds right, but where's the constant planning brought about by the different tools that you can give the Lemmings individually? Trying to draw lines for them to walk along, or cut through the rocks with your mouse pointer just defeats the object of the game.

They had about 8-10 different features you could give them, from umbrellas to rock bashing hands, pick axes to backpacks loaded with slates.

Sure, it's a vague approximation, with the annoying, yet quirky music, the graphics are unmistakeably lemmings orientated and while you didn't use the more traditional "boing" noise as they cleared the level, they still sounded like lemmings.

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If only...

You should have waited a month and nine days to submit this - Clock Day would have been the perfect time to enter this onto Newgrounds and you'd have gotten a lot more exposure.

Never mind, at least the animation of the clock face looks very realistic. Hopefully, you can come up with some sort of Clock Crew animation and use that clock face scaled down as a face plate for on of the clocks? Antiquated and very well programmed.

A nice test, that shows you've been capable of all that you required. I wish that I could say more, but it's just something you can apply to later projects.

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51lver responds:

You are right, I should have waited for clock day. The exposure it would have got would have been enormous, maybe next time I'll see if my project has any underlying themes to any upcoming dates to make the release and them coincide :) Thanks for the review

Rather addictive

Well, this game has all of the things required to make a very good little defence game out of it - the setting is decent enough, the graphics and concept are nice looking, if slightly unoriginal. The music is well chosen and applied, while everything seems to fit together well.

I particularly like the bloodstains that you splatter across the battlefield, when you hit an enemy. While I'd have preferred to be shooting things that look like something advancing towards a position on the battlefield, we have to work with what we're given. Shapes remind me of something akin to markers on a WWII battlefield map, where the controllers move the pieces so we can see who is doing what, without leaving the security of the War Office in Whitehall. Walkers, runners, heavy ordinance and the like could have been used instead - this could give a different dynamic of having things that need to close to a certain range, before opening fire on the position. Obviously, this could lead to snipers, who almost always hit, while some troops get very close and hit you 1 in 6 tries, for example.

Certainly worthy of stealing a morning from me, but there's room to take this game further. I'd love to see new versions of this game spring up. Let me know and I'll review them as well.

[Review Request Club]

51lver responds:

Thank you for your review, I'll take what you've said into account and definitely let you now of any sequels to it :)

Needs better formatting

I know it can be difficult to get the piece sorted for when you're publishing screen shots of a game, but there is one major issue here - the larger reviews get all squashed up, thus giving more face time to the short reviewer.

I'd have made the screen bigger, to accommodate the largest review and then used blank space (Newground background colours) for the empty space on the smaller reviews. Spending a little time marrying the review to the standard background could be useful as well, as it makes it look better.

Have you considered a voice actor to read out these reviews? I think that I could do a few voices for these reviews, which would make the experience sound a lot better, so that people can get a more encompassing presentation.

[Review Request Club]

BanglaBoy96 responds:

I'm a voice actor but I thought about reading out the reviews but I guess I left out that idea.
Thanks for the review

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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