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Well, if OCD wasn't bad enough, since we stand here looking at a game where 10,000 clicks of the mouse translates to a few points on Newgrounds is really iffy for those people that oh so desperately want the points. Your game does have the infuriating quality to it. Personally, I'm not entirely convinced that this is something that you can be proud of.

Congratulations, you've made a parody of a successful, if highly confusing game. I think that the way that you've made it such a close parody, but have just gone all out there to put very little actual assistance into the game itself takes something away on an "originality" basis. With that in mind, you have got NG Medals there, although they are pointless at present. If only I could solve some of these puzzles and see that these long codes that look far too long and useless to make much sense are worth it. A shame really that I got code 3 and 5, but not any other ones...

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Not bad

Loaded with features, this is a good example of coding, once again, though it does seem to have a little issue, regarding the fact that aside from the coding and layout, it is quite a limited piece.

Some sort of your own set of visualisations that people could upload would be a nice feature, if you get a site of your own and enough bandwidth to host visualisations made by other people, you could have a nice working setup. Compressing them to "Bytesize" style screens and porting them across from your site would be a colossal achievement for you on this front.

Aside from that, the piece does give access to a lot of Audio, though I'd love to see more information presented on there - title, author, size (file size and length of the track), plus a rough rating for the piece and release date. If you just put the score in to the first decimal place and the year of submission in there, you'd have enough for most people there.

Of course, this is where you come into the arena of customisable layouts, where people can choose what they see, while they listen to the radio - another substantial step forward.

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Not bad, but a few rough edges

This game is really a "skin and bones" game, where you've produced the mechanics and not much else. Perhaps alter the colours of the pieces and come up with a hint option, that would allow you to show where one piece goes by showing an opaque shape on the grid, as opposed to blowing the whole solution.

A feature where you could place a piece and if it were correct, have it click into place would help, though I appreciate that these puzzles have two or more solutions, if not symmetrical, thus would require more programming.

Finally, when you rotate the pieces, can you rotate them around the button? That would make the game much more user friendly and assist in the speed of rotating pieces.

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Blackout0189 responds:

Thank you for the comments. But to respond, there is a feature I added with opaque shapes in the puzzle to help you solve. Press "Solve".

Wow, what a complete bastard

Well, that's a decent game, that I never really liked, as it got going with a decent streak and the way that you overlaid the dummy run, so that you hit the sides and have to start again. It's a nice little quirk, nothing more.

I think that the main issue with it all is the way that the rest of the layout was messed up, because of this overlay - I couldn't come down to write a review, or even close the damned game itself to help me - work with the programming to smooth things out is required.

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Kwing responds:

You mean the mouse kept vanishing? I set it up so the cursor is always invisible, and the only way I could set it up so the cursor reappeared if it was outside the Flash screen would be if I used AS3, which I can't use with my version of Flash. Furthermore, you could cheat if I implemented that feature.

A good example of programming

This is a decent demonstration at what you've learned in programming school, so you've proven that you're capable of creating something that is largely already in use here. Not a criticism, per se, more of an observation.

A shame that the audio page doesn't function properly, as that would have iced the cake. Maybe you could do something like put the icon in a display case on part of the layout, just to give it that additional touch?

Simple, reasonably elegant and if it weren't for the fact that parts of it are not working at present, you may have gotten a higher rating from me.

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MCarsten responds:

Hi Coop, here it is replies to all your observations:

"This is a decent demonstration at what you've learned in programming school, so you've proven that you're capable of creating something that is largely already in use here. Not a criticism, per se, more of an observation."

I'm really glad you think this is a good programming example from what I learned, what I did is use stream functions to grab the Audio Portal songs as you can see. Thanks again.

"A shame that the audio page doesn't function properly, as that would have iced the cake. Maybe you could do something like put the icon in a display case on part of the layout, just to give it that additional touch?"

1. Yeah, about the audio portal and download buttons don't work issue, I really don't know why this is happening to the Newgrounders, everything works fine here and before upload it to the Flash Portal, I tested it upon Newgrounds Dump System which also worked. 2. Oh, about the icon display, I just thought this wasn't that necessary, plus, they would think I was copying Archawn or PoderOdunk's gadgets.

"Simple, reasonably elegant and if it weren't for the fact that parts of it are not working at present, you may have gotten a higher rating from me."

Thanks for think this is something good although some things don't work to you and I really can't know why.

Thanks for the really nice review!
See you around.

Not bad, but a few issues

As I said in the summary, this game is not bad - in fact, I'd go so far as to say that it is one of te better driving games to be found here, complete with the violence of weapons powerups and a rather futuristic looking setting, despite it looking a little post-apocalyptical.

The way that you had races run both ways, in order to encourage more combat was pretty good, though I would have preferred a better AI, in order to receive a little more of a challenge from these monstrosities that are running around the place after my blood.

The game mechanics do leave a lot to be desired, as sometimes, even with me driving relatively flawlessly, I can still find myself finishing 2nd or 3rd, while my lap count hasn't blipped and I'm sure that no-one passed me. There could be a slightly improved HUD, so that the driver can see how many laps have passed and how many the race consists of, as this does affect my tactics. Driving the wrong way around the track armed with a missile rack, in a last ditch effort to claim a place or two is a great tactic for the last lap, if you've got enough chances left.

As for the music, I really did need a mute button - "Coming to you live from Channel 1" gets really annoying after a few seasons of racing, so the option to change that for other tracks would be most appreciated.

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MakingFunGames responds:

Cheers Coop, glad you enjoyed the game.
You do realise it's supposed to look post apocalyptic, right?
A sequel is on the way, and we'll take your comments on board.

A good romp

As always with your games, I'm very impressed with the level of detail that has been put into it. You truly are a master creator of this sort of game and thoroughly deserving of the plaudits that you get for them.

I think that the way you've added simple designs to the upgrades, spent ages working on getting the details right like the splatter and even the blood on the windscreen, I don't have to play it long to fall in love with it.

One medal down, many more hours spent sitting in front of my laptop I feel, pursuing the goals. It sure is going to take a while as I don't really have the skill, but on a war of attrition basis, I might have a shot.

Perhaps have checkpoints, when you can actually come off the road and stop to try and grab yourself some additional supplies, such as armour plates, additional ammo and even more fuel. Do you dare to try and change the tyres on the car, as the authorities close in on you, as well as the much slower zombies?

This game has great potential, even in this finished form that we see before us. I think that it's awesome and clearly has the benefit of a lot of thinking gone into it. How long must it take to get everything in place for a piece like this? Mind you, when you've got such a great team to back you up in the art, music and voice stakes, you don't really need to worry about time, really.

I hope that this makes you and your collaborators money, as you all deserve to go pro with this sort of game development. You'd make some truly mesmerising games.

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Good, but a little laborious

While this game does have some very good points, it can get a little monotonous after a while, having to doge those creatures that hide in the shadows, which are afraid of light, but do burst forth if they can see a quick meal ahead just in the light.

I got through the first few pieces, but don't get me wrong, it's a very good game. If you wanted to improve it, I'd certainly suggest getting in on the medals programme, as you seem like one of these programmers that could benefit from more exposure that Medals would bring to this. Then you could expand and place it on so many more sites.

The plot was good, the music was decent, but please check the Audio Portal for more ambient tunes that you could use to good effect. I think that the occasional additional piece of dialogue should be thrown in and not made optional, otherwise people may miss it, when they come to these parts.

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Not bad

It's got decent mechanics of the game of strip poker, but it lacks the killer "final reward" to the piece, as there should be some sense of accomplishment, or at least a little more cartoon porn, to encourage the masses to play again.

Blackjack may have seemed a little easy on here, but I feel that it was a decent setup for the cards and that part of the engine. Perhaps you need to bet on the cards and enable things like the split and the double down, so that you can make a killing in one hand and buy the items of clothing off the dealer.

This would enable you to do things like "win $500 in a hand and earn an extra life". The life would be another item of clothing, for example.

Maybe the animation needs some work, as it looks like the models are severely out of breath. I can imaging this to be the case with the large ones (carrying additional weight) and the thin ones (under nourished), but for the breasts to be moving that much seems abnormal. If you're going to animate them, have them drawn to remove their clothes, as that's a challenge that would set your games aside from everyone else's.

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A little simple

If I'm being totally honest with you, this offering to Luke seemed a little more simple than the usual that I have become accustomed to, which could waste a good 10-15 minutes in order to brute force my way through the puzzles. Perhaps there are other things to do in there, but until it passes judgement, I can only see the one medal, so I'll still give you a nice bunch of stars for this.

As usual though, great music, voices and animation, plus the game mechanics work seamlessly, in order to give everyone a good piece of wholesome family entertainment. Okay, this would be for slightly more mature families and clearly not for those in middle America, as works of Satan are not tolerated in any form.

I wonder how long you can keep this up, as plenty of souls should be heading to hell, so it would be nice to see a twisted businessman a la Monty Burns, for a change, as opposed to the standard trailer trash types that have graced this piece. Oh, the Paedo priest was fun, but it's the only real difference I've seen through the whole series.

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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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