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A unique challenge

Hmm, a very interesting little game that you've produced, complete with a range of various enemies to offer a challenge to the discerning gamer.

While I would have appreciated an indication of how these opponents would come at me, before they actually did and what they could do to me, the simplicity is applaudable. I like the graphics and the challenge of enemies entering through all three doors at once really keeps you on your toes.

I think that a Doom style game where you enter rooms (though keep the top-down aspect) and the enemies swarm you from there might have been a better option, you've still created a very good game.

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kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.

Has roots in SMB

A nice little game that, much like the aforementioned Super Mario Brothers, I lack the skill to complete. Still, I shan't let that hold me back.

The main difference between this and the interface for Super Mario Brothers is that you can go backwards - in the Nintendo series, you can only move forwards and once something falls off the left of the screen, you can't go back and see it again. Personally, I like this and wouldn't ask you to change this, though some purists might.

How are you supposed to get up to the additional life points that seem out of reach? I cannot find a way to get these, nor the coins surrounding them, which is annoying. Perhaps it is my lack of experience with these side scrolling platformers that causes me this issue, but I shouldn't complain, unless it is a programming issue.

I liked the quirky graphics and would have appreciated some plot to start the story and perhaps act as a bridge between worlds, just to flesh it out a little. The game is good, but something to bring it all together would have been a really nice addition.

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kcnh responds:

The additional life points are reachable if you jump on a shelled turtle, a turtle will retreat in its shell if you shoot a waterball at it. Thank you very much for your review.

Not bad

Quite a simple little game that increases in difficulty as the points rack up. The changing colours of the hurdles could have indicated different things about them, with perhaps taller ones that you have to run under for two points, spike trapped ones, electrified ones, glue traps and so forth that mean you could be chasing your tail relentlessly for the piece, to get all of the hurdles in place for the points.

I noticed that you only scored people for collecting coins - would it have been better to give points for leaping hurdles, as they were worth a little as well, since that was the primary objective of the game itself. What if something was chasing you?

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kcnh responds:

Thank you very much for your review!

It could certainly use colour

Well, this was a simple little game that really hit home with the fact that you can get to four rather simple endings all pretty quickly. A shame that the game which showed so much promise didn't really come to fruition, leaving us with four very linear plots to pursue for the medals. I got them all within about 10-15 minutes, so I'd say that it was too easy for a collect and deal with game. Granted, I can see that each of these endings for the tale are based upon different choices, but you still have to go one way or another to get to the end.

If you'd have put a medal in there for collecting blackberries and then dotted them around the map, making that larger as well, perhaps you'd have been able to convince the baker to bake a blackberry pie, which could be the medal. Little things make games more engrossing and rewarding.

With the interface, a big issue was the WASD was set as a control to allow you to walk, as were the cursor keys, though when you get to a menu, you can only navigate them with cursors. Please sort this out, so that WASD will work there as well.

I'd love to see some colour in these proceedings, as while it looks good without colour, I feel it would look better with some. Also, the music does get a little annoying, so I just put my own on. Perhaps search the Audio Portal for a more suitable two or three ambient tunes that you could use?

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kcnh responds:

Thank you very much for your review! I will take in consideration the suggestions that you have made. However, I do not agree with that you said the music was annoying, because I think it is very neutral background music. But, it is a good idea, as you suggested, to add multiple songs so it is perhaps less repetitive.

Needs a little refining

Well, that was an enjoyable festive game, that sadly has one or two small bugs to be fixed, but I'm sure you can work through them, with not a lot of fuss.

It's a nice setup that gets Santa towards recovering his reindeer in a sort of Sonic the Hedgehog meets Evils Dead sort of game. The Coin collecting does get a little tiresome after a while, so the first thing I'd suggest you do is allow an upgrade that attaches magnets to Santa, so the coins just fly in towards him. From there, you'll have a much better experience, as opposed to getting people blown up in pursuit of more and more riches, for better upgrades.

When a boss dies, I found that there was a very short amount of time between the death of the boss and the continuation of the game. These things drop a lot of coin and as a result, I felt that they needed to get more time to collect what I could and maximise the profit, particularly in the early going.

I found a glitch in the upgrades screen - I had a balance of over 200 coins, then purchased a shotgun shells upgrade for 200, then saw my coin balance set to -135. This prevented me from buying anything for one of the levels and being handcuffed like that doesn't make for a happy gamer.

I killed the second boss and as I was off to collect the coins dropped from that, I was killed by the existing ordinance that had already been fired at me. Most games have a script that neutralises enemy fire on the demise of the boss, so that you can go crazy.

Of course, you're setting yourself up for Newgrounds Medals as well, which seems to be the way to go. Good luck with this :D

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Interesting but a little tedious

I've never really been a fan of this sort of game, but you have put it together well - the graphics seemed a little "samey" though and the ostrich never looked more battered and bruised by the concussions that it received from the contact with various obstacles.

The fact that they are well known not to fly makes it slightly unbelievable that they can clear some higher obstacles although this wasn't the main reason I disliked the game. I was always more of a fan of the side scrolling games of this ilk, as you get marginally more time to react, as opposed to the way that some objects get obscured by the waving neck and head here, cutting down my think time, before pressing the right key.

A tutorial level would have helped, rather than writing "space bar" on the compactors and just throwing the hurdles at us, that I initially thought that I could duck under - one decapitated ostrich too many for my liking in those circumstances.

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Somewhat infuriating

I was impressed with the simple nature of the game, but a four second fuel limit for these missiles seemed to be quite unrealistic. I'd have made a few changes to the format, which may or may not have had much of an effect upon the overall gameplay:

1) Targeting computer - plot out the route that the missile / rocket is to follow, then send it on it's way - this is really down to timing, dependant upon mobile obstacles.

2) 3D targeting - we know that nowadays targets can be shot at by launching things over the top, so this really needs to advance. I know that it brings in a whole new wave of issues with the programming, but if the game is to advance, then it needs to take something positive forward.

3) Blast radius - when a missile explodes, it will do some damage. After the four second limit expired, the explosion graphic practically engulfed the base and as a result, I was very dismayed to see that the base still stood, without so much as a scratch.

You've earned a daily 5th for this (getting props from the medal obsessed community is always good) but more work is required, if you're to get this up to daily feature standard. I'm sure you're capable of this :D

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Very enthralling

A great little game, where you have to adapt to many different challenges within the game. I can see that some of these are attainable easier than others and I'll have to finish those off quicker, before attending to business.

As you said, the shapes were simple and with that, we have seen a well produced series of games that mesh together in an unlikely fashion. Even the text-based game was good, despite the shortcomings of a game that to me was more limited than the rest (change the numbers, press enter and off we go) It is a bit of mental arithmetic that needs to be worked with, but you've got a nicely working game, so kudos to you.

With simple shapes, perhaps some sort of "concentration" or "match the pairs" style of game, you'll be able to expand upon this for a sequel. Good luck to you with that, as the success of this needs to be replicated in another format, that looks more polished and gets you the awards that you guys will deserve.

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Stickman91 responds:

Thanks, Coop! A sequel would be pretty cool (especially if more people were involved), but there are no plans for that at the moment. But in the future, who knows?

Good luck getting those medals!

Not bad at all

I enjoyed playing this game, much like the "predecessors" of this kind, such as Hedgehog Launch, Toss the Turtle and the like. There are differences, such as the absence of a multiplier for the sum of the flight and the only powerups boost you slightly, give you more ammunition, more money, or another go at the course. I'm sure that more could be added there, along with more of a panorama from side to side. After all, we don't live in a giant tube on this planet.

Quirky graphics, very enjoyable and certainly addictive qualities to it, such as the medals for Newgrounds that I fully intend to collect over time. THere is plenty of room to develop more with this, including things that you can spend even more cash on. What about making the bunnies more aerodynamic, throwing them a parachute or a glider, for a few seconds? Things like this can get your players more money, more points and gives more playability.

Multiplying for the duration of the flight, or the height gained / distance traveled could be a nice way to expand, so I look forward to seeing what you're capable of there :)

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Psychedelic SPace Invaders

I like this game - there's a lot of good stuff going for it. The music doesn't put me off too much, nor does the format of the game get too difficult, too quickly, either, which is nice.

You've captured much of the original appeal of Space Invaders, though without the shields that I recall from the original 80s arcade machines. I've been there and done that quite some time ago, I'm afraid. The control interface could use a little keyboard programming, as it would seem more at home than the mouse interface that you have as the default.

Combos were a nice addition and it really did focus on the annoying aspect, with even more colours floating around on the screen. I think it was a shame really that the Invaders themselves were so monochromatic and unchanging. Each wave seemed to pit the same groups against you and they never even bothered to fire their own excrement at you, just accepting the destruction by lazer as their inevitable fate.

So, to improve, give us more variation in the Invaders, have them shoot at us and give us the shields back. Also, when Invaders are destroyed off the sides, have the remaining Invaders move to the side of the screen, like in the classic - shooting the sides of the units can and should buy you more time ;)

A little colour added to the Invaders, some high scores tables and even a decent preloader would be a nice addition to make this piece really worthy of those last three stars. Oh, and NG Medals as well - I'd love to see a game like this that I can get medal score for.

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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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