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A real shame

There is great potential for this game - I feel that it's absolutely gutting that there were so many pitfalls, which stopped me from enjoying this game the the full extent of its potential.

As you walk along in the mine, there are idle pockets that give the impression of a maze game, but with one fatal issue - you can't get out of these holes. Why not have ladders in there, or more likely, a precarious looking wooden bridge across it, that you might have to repair, lest it cave in and then trap you good and proper?

Some issues with the controls did give the whole thing an issue, as you try to walk along a straight line and the guy seems incapable of walking up a slight gradient in a slope, which does make it annoying. Combined with the other issues within the game, it does even go so far as to become monotonous.

I would suggest a complete overhaul of the mechanics of the piece - why not have tanks of oxygen lying around, to give you more time in the mine? Collect them like powerups, along with things like drills, precious minerals, clues, more tools, which will help you build parts of the mine back up, as you might be trying to rescue some of your friends and / or colleagues. A plot is a must for a game like this, as it would give people some idea of what medals they are trying to get hold of.

Throw in a space bar command, where you can use tools, such as the drills and see what this will lead you towards, since there is so much potential, with games such as Minecraft making a stab at the modern games industry.

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Hmm, not bad

Well, these games are rarely without fault and the gaps between some of the stepped platforms don't really look big enough to fit the guy between them, but by crikey, they are! If they are meantot be that close together, try making them just a little closer on top and stopping our erstwile hero from falling to his doom.

With the way that the game unfolds, failure seems to be almost rewarded, with a crack at a new level, the previous one just unfolding ad nauseum before your eyes on some weird sort of loop. Perhaps interlace the levels, so that you can progress through the world, rather than seeming like you lap some ridiculously small planet, causing issues with the crystal population, which seems limitless.

The graphics are good and so is the gameplay. This is an addictive game that will have me coming back for more.

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I am so bad at this game >:(

What a great little game, though I was more than just a little confused about how the targeting system worked - one second you've got to aim the crosshair below the target and then in the next moment, you've got to point the crosshair directly at the target to get a hit.

I was quite surprised at how much these things swarm you so early on in the game. Again, I'll put this down to me being such a bad shot, but I would have thought that with the reload time being so long, you might want to consider making it shorter for people that enjoy "spam firing", since that does give a few more options for keeping the players that are genuinely interested in the game a little more chance of seeing the massive crab boss. Mines, rockets, asteroids and enemy ships bouncing off the armour really didn't help and as a result, I was quickly dispatched.

Overall, I'd say that this is a very good game. I just don't have the required skills to carry it off.

Still, with a few minor tweaks to the mechanism, such as automated, or assisted targeting for easier levels should make this a game that everyone can enjoy :)

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SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Ye, since the game is all single point perspective things coming towards you aren't moving in a straight line.
I want to make a new one since I feel there's a lot of potential to be a good game, but working out a nice control system is one big headache.

Larry Meets Xmas!

Wow, this is just like Larry's descent game, which I loved as well. Thanks for the 100 medal points, which were relatively easy to get hold of in the end. A shame that there wasn't slightly more to this game, like Santa having a life bar and losing life for hitting the coal.

Perhaps some of the presents should have been opened, like candy canes, for additional help, snowballs, to throw at the coal or those horrible sweaters to act as parachutes, so you can get further in the game, with more control.

Good graphics, but I'd prefer to to have started each level with Santa getting pushed, or jumping from the sleigh - perhaps you could make a variety of intros, which work on a random looping system?

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Manly-Chicken responds:

Maybe if I make a sequel I'll take those suggestions. Thanks :D

Good little time waster

Well, that was pretty enjoyable for a few minutes. I think that while there is limited replayability, as demonstrated by the fact that I got all of the medals and roundly left, only returning a few weeks later to actually review it, you've done a decent job, but not the best one possible. How you could improve it would be a mystery to this reviewer, but the addition of more people to the fold couldn't hurt. I mean aside from Wade-Mode, that is.

Smacking seven bells out of Tom is remarkably fun, it's just that I lack enough technique or rampant desire to ban Tom at massive speeds that for some reason other people obtain with consummate ease.

Catchy, if slightly annoying music, basic graphics and a decent game that's been done before, but seemingly will never get truly old.

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Manly-Chicken responds:

Wow. This is arguably one of the longest and most thought out reviews I've ever gotten! Thanks!

Very festive

Not a bad game - kind of akin to the Easter offering where you shoot rabbits from the top of some sort of building. I did find it easier than that particular game, but that one had a lot more depth and medals on offer. Perhaps you'll be able to offer us those soon?

I loved the way that you could build yourself up, though I didn't get to the end weapon, as I brought everything else out of the shop and didn't have the 6,000 bucks until I had finished killing the final boss off.

I would have liked to see more levels, perhaps a difficulty setting, so you can earn more money for killing more difficult and greater numbers of enemies over the course of the waves. Just seeing how the games potential could be developed is a really nice thing and you've got plenty of things that can improve this offering before this Xmas, or even in time for next year, if you feel like taking your time.

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ForTheLoss responds:

Thanks for the in depth review, really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the game too.

Good use of the Game Boy

Well, it's a very interesting game, that can keep you addicted for long stretches, so be warned, unless you wish to bid farewell to your free time, or lunch hour.

The mechanics are well designed for the game and you have to think your way through the puzzles, particularly in the latter levels, when more monsters and droids run around to kill you. I am very impressed with the dynamic of this that keeps the two sections of the game separate, though one is merely filler and the other is actual gameplay. Sandwich that onto an imitation screen of a Game Boy, that the batteries don't run out on and we're away.

If anything, it's a shame that the game weren't longer and a more substantial plot would have helped matters along, as opposed to ejected cat, run to planet surface, save cat, get enough power and fly ship away. It's a good formula for the short term, but it can get old fast.

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Poor physics

Well, kudos for making the attempt, as it's your first effort at something like this. The main issue that I have with the game is that the physics of the ball is not dictated by where abouts on the paddle the ball is struck.

Look at various pong or air hockey games out there in the marketplace and you'll see that if the ball hits in the centre of the paddle, it follows the same extrapolated trajectory, as if it has just hit a stationary wall. If it's to the left of centre, it will bounce off at a different angle completely, with either a flatter, or more acute trajectory. What I would suggest is that you get this fixed, as it will really help the game to take shape.

Some games out there have the wacky idea of four paddles, one for each side of the screen. Perhaps this is your next move? What about something like powerups, or a time limit that you have to keep the ball "alive" for These sort of things can give you more of an original and appealing game, though Pong has pretty much been done to death, so you're likely to have to search elsewhere for inspiration.

The graphics weren't exactly inspired, though neither was it so crummy that I hated it instantly. A little more time will give you a better looking interface and exploring things like methods to make your buttons look better will always help you out.

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Buggy and not all that good.

I think that this does mean there is a huge scope for improvements to the game here. You're here with no real scoring system, or goal of the game, save avoiding the asteroids, which are infrequent and if I just stood still, I'd avoid most of the hits for 10 minutes.

Firing is good, being bereft of the "autofire" function. Don't change that, as I like having to interact. Perhaps with the scoring system, you'd lose a nominal amount of points for spamming ammo into space?

The fact that the debris remains on screen and your ship flies behind it only screams of poor layering. The ship needs to be the top layer, while other things fly past behind it. You're focusing on the ship, as a player, you don't need distractions to remind you that it's just a game.

Perhaps mitigate some of these issues, by making it a side scroller. Throw in some powerups, a plot and even some boss fights and you'll be looking at a much better game, without that much effort. What is to say that you couldn't add checkpoints, where you can repair, upgrade and so forth to your ship, possibly even adding some bonus missions (if you clear this next sector in under 2 minutes 30, I'll give you a booster unit, for example)

A lot of potential, I look forward to seeing you make use of it.

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CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Thanks for the review, in the next 2 i made alot of these bugs and glitches were fixed.

Not bad

Well, it's a decent showing for a game that has a lot of good stuff going for it. I'm not sure of how to get past Level 3, but that might just be me being in a little bit of a rush. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll be able to crack it at some point.

You've done well with a good balance of music and the liner function of the game does remind me a little of things like Super Mario Bros. although I can see why those sort of games would have the edge on appeal.

Some sort of tutorial would have helped, in order to just get people on the way - show us in the game that we can move left and right with A and D, while jumping with W. The ability to squat down and avoid things like the spinning chain would have been nice - there's even a convenient key available in S. I think that I'd still view this game as a work in progress, but it is the sort of thing that is worth looking at, since you seem committed to making the game work. With a decent score like this, getting the issues sorted and a few Medals programmed in would really make this game worthy of awards consideration.

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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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