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Nice work guys!

The controls are a little clunky and I suffered from lag when busting Sanford and Deimos out of the clink, but other than that, you've clearly laid the foundations for what should be a fantastic game series that you're developing.

To compensate for the laptop running quite slowly, I had to use lower graphics options, yet I didn't see any issues with that, until the lag kicked in. Smaller fights seemed fine, but I didn't really push myself to get through there.

I think that I either missed a tooltip for the switching weapons, but I managed to blunder my way through it being "E", also managing to throw my sword at the cowering guy in the room with the locker and the SMG.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more from this team, there's a lot of talent here, from many different facets, so take what you've got and move forward with it. The plot will be one that I certainly watch out for!

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Delightfully addictive.

Sweet, but not in the kind of way that you'll become clinically obese from just playing at this game, there is a certain degree of sadistic pleasure to be had from squashing jelly sweets repetitively. While the game is a pleasure to play, the sounds are fantastic and, while the music is annoying after a while, it's easy to turn off.

I think that while the gameplay is simple, it relies heavily on luck and there is little you can do to influence your own progress, save from mashing the left mouse button or spacebar when you're on a cruiser / on fire; clicking at the appropriate moments when on a plane, wearing a propeller hat, or riding a chubby gummy and trying to find the best times to launch a rocket slam. To improve this, have a little range that you can manoeuvre, thinking of the way that some people wave their arms helplessly to try and gain altitude or speed, while plummeting inevitably towards something like a swimming pool.

In the survival mode, I felt that you could reward us for distance made. The missions were successful, as was the buying your way past them. I only did that for a few missions and still ended up about a million dollars short of the target to max every upgrade out. I know that I'd spent 500k on the Barbarian by then, but I assumed that he needed to be purchased to get the achievement. When you reach in excess of 40,000 metres with a flight (dollars and km? that's an interesting combination, by the way!), you should certainly get rewarded monetarily for flying further than once around the earth in a single launch. $90,000 doesn't really cut it, if you understand my meaning.

Being able to only attempt three missions at once seemed unnecessary, considering that some of them were based on a huge slice of luck and when I'd already achieved it once, to have to do it again was rather frustrating.

Still, these criticisms aside, they've only cost you half a star, when all is said and done. I've got a few more hours to fly to get that last achievement and I feel that I owe it to myself to finish your game. I wonder, will we see more of Burrito Bison?

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A little basic in the point and click stakes, but still passable. Nothing really new and inventive enough to really get me into the game and want to play it more than once, if I'm entirely honest with you here.

I see that on release, there were eight medals, yet after one play through, I see that you've disabled the medals "Candy" and "Dynamite", which took some of the reasoning for playing away. Still, it was still worth playing the once.

The sounds were a little on the basic side, without much in the way of editing, to get it to all fit together, which as a shame. I feel that you could give us a more comprehensive game if you took a little more time to get things like that right about it and perhaps even considered taking items from other screens to complete puzzles in later areas.

When the Alien returns to space, there was a minor bug when the cockroach stayed behind - as the rocket leaves shot, the roach reappears where he starts that screen. Just one little niggle that I feel need addressing.

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The physics sucks

A nice game, but it's not as good as Crush the Castle - here it seems that you can get a direct hit from the rocks, the scenery or the Blue Jacks themselves and still not get a kill. Don't get me wrong, it's well designed and the stages are quirky, though the game does tend to get a little "samey" along those lines.

There's nothing in here that makes me want to choose this game over Crush, because it has things that your game doesn't - scenery that reacts (various things like powder kegs, fire vials, burning walls and the like), different ammunition, differing sounds for people getting killed and even a plot.

I must pick a hole in Level 11, as how can you hope to get a game that works properly, when as soon as the level starts, the scenery falls apart. I don't necessarily mind this, but I cannot see what I'm shooting at - some sort of mechanic to check what I'm aiming for would also be nice, to allow me the view of a siege engineer, as opposed to some inbred moron, lobbing rocks at the surrounding areas, hoping that they cause enough damage for me to be feared.

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Some good, some bad

I think that you all need to beta test this piece better before you submit your work as a collab - some games came with instructions and looked the real deal, capable of making it on their own, while others probably should still be in development and held this piece back.

Pong on the preloader was basic and awful - glitchy controls and not the best. I hoped that it wasn't an indication of what was to come and for the most part, it wasn't.

Whiteboard avoider was decent enough, with the strategy of climbing an imaginary scrolling mountain, while things get tougher as you climb. Not bad, but why? A little more plot needed.

BrickDuel wasn't much to write home about - unresponsive controls meaning that I couldn't manoeuvre the paddle into place to win, despite me knowing where it needs to be. Since that's most of the mechanics of your game, you really need to fix that.

Bike seemed good to start with, but too difficult in the early running, as you keep crashing into things. Learn to get your audience hooked with a few easy obstacles to start with.

Chicken Drop - organised mayhem. Too many rocks and chickens by the end of everything, so consider having less of them, but making it more of a challenge by stripping more time if you miss one?

Air Gunner - something that I couldn't get on with - the obstacles came thick and fast and after dying against a few and learning to avoid them, I got bored of trial and error. Perhaps if it were a game on its own it would be better.

Dodge them 2 - simple, effective, but a little boring. It's a spacial awareness game. The graphics were nice though.

Dance. Not really a dance game, more of an "exercise for your fingers" game, so I was left unfulfilled, by the experience

Moon Walker. Catchy title, a decent spin on a game I've seen before and some nice controls. Perhaps gravity was less than usual, but it would be for the Moon, so I'll let you off. This one has potential.

Space Cadet Bob looked fantastic, but came without a manual of sorts - it wasn't the most of explanatory games and if I'm shooting at a spaceship, how am I going to only damage the pink antennae?

There was an issue with the mute button - once you've muted it all and you play a game to a loss, the sound comes back on and the only way to stop it is to restart the game. Poor design.

Overall, it's not bad, though it's not something that sets me afire.

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Needs work

Well, it's a clock day flash, so will come with an inflated score, clock themes and not a lot else. I'm not surprised about the playability of the game, due to Games Factory having a hand in it. You've given me something to play, which is better than nothing, I suppose.

Why not have StrawberryClock say something when he meets one of his clock subjects? Some sort of animation at the start, when he decides that he must go after all of the clocks for some reason would set up the game much better, as would a little piece of plot between levels, so that we can see just what is needed and perhaps learn something about what is going on.

The idea of having Strawberry wake up at the end of the levels would be great, as if saying "Oh... it was just a dream." Then he turns off the light and starts counting Bs again, until he drifts off, ready for Clock Day.

There was so much potential to make this a much better game tan it turned out to be, I was quite disappointed to see it wasted like this. Please try looking into some of the suggestions for Clock Day 2012, as it may be the last change that StrawberryClock gets!

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Difficult to control, but still enjoyable

Overall a good pool simulator, though there are one or two issues with the game itself, that must be addressed. The game itself is nice and I can get used to playing it after a frame or two.

I feel that the controls are set up wrong - why not aim the mouse pointer at where you're going to make contact with the ball, as opposed to where you're making contact with the white. Unless you move that about, you're going to hit it in exactly the same orientation on the ball anyway, with dead centre your default.

I couldn't see or work out how to change the striking point on the cue ball, which was a shame - this limits the mechanics of the game and ultimately lowers the power of the break, as I tend to play them with a lot of top spin.

The music is annoying and the button to remove it is very small - please make the interface more user friendly, as it will help you out. Similarly, sorting the mechanics out will benefit your game, as the cushions take too much out of the ball and committing a foul doesn't seem to have an effect on the game.

Finally, the cue power is lacking somewhat. Pulling the cue back as far as it will go leads to a very tame shot overall. I can hit the ball harder than that and I'm not the most powerful pool player ever to hit the baize.

I like this game, though i feel you can do more with it.

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Rather annoying, from start to finish

Working out how fast you're moving your mouse from one point to another , with only external references to work on is a good concept for a game, though you're not there yet. You need to first work on your presentation, with better drawing, a mute button to lose that stupid song and possibly more of a plot.

A more difficult level, with Night Vision might be an idea, with really narrow passageways, that you can only see using your NVGs, but for the rest of the level, you must stay invisible, would be a way to take this forward. I think that while I love mazes and I used to really enjoy the electric buzzer maze, where you had to take a metal ring from one end to the other, without buzzing yourself out of the game, I really can't stand these games, myself. Mazes aren't supposed to bite you, so why not have keyboard controls - that's even more difficult in the situation that you've presented us with, since we don't know how far it's moved by the degree of input - just those pesky cannon / cameras to chart our progress.

Glad to see that you closed the cheat loophole, but that does prevent me from reviewing too deep into the game, as I lack the manual dexterity and / or the patience for it, especially with that music.

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Not the best

I think that you need to make the controls a lot more responsive, as otherwise the computer can beat you at lower difficulties, with ease. I like the way that the two games come together with brick breaker and pong, but you need to work harder to get the blend right.

Try having different coloured blocks and put the powerups in there at random positions - having them float down the board for the players to catch with the ball is ridiculous. Hit a certain block and get multiball, for example, which in a game like this could really work. The other interface thing I didn't like was the fact that you can kill yourself off by missing the ball by a fraction of an inch. Have the ball pass through the paddle on the way back past, otherwise stretching to reach it could be game over.

While I can see the entertainment value of 4Play, that's something that I can't really test as a single player / reviewer. Needing 4 friends to crowd around a single keyboard is nearly impossible, so getting 4 players on 4 different computers would save a lot of fighting, but would cause a programming headache, no doubt.

A mute button would be nice as well. That, or some sound effects for the balls bouncing off the paddles and then different sounds for the blocks etc.

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JPB responds:

Controls: are you sure your keyboard is working? :P I guess the speed of the paddles could be bigger
Blend of games/Powerups: I see what you mean, should've thought out the game more, I do happen to be slowly recoding the game (have in mind this probably wont ever see the light of the day), and am trying out other ways of implementing the powerups, I was thinking about making a slot machine for the powerups (a la sonic casino night zone)
Multiball: Why did I forget multiball!!!111!!!1!1!1 that would've been some epic chaotic fun
Mute button: there is one (below the scoreboard, I'm pretty sure you can also press M, I dont remenber if I put this in this game or in another)
4play/online: I looked into smartfox server, NOPE.jpg

Thanks for the review!


Wow, that's the worse single use of Iron Maiden I have ever seen on a flash production. I'm not sure whether the guys would be flattered or just a little peeved that you put their music to a piece like this.

Clearly you're not that bothered, but I'll give you my feelings on this anyway, with the piece struggling to look at least halfway decent, even with the music of one of the greatest Metal Acts of all time playing in the background. To start with, don't restart Hallowed Be Thy Name each time one of the shorter combat tunes concludes - that track is about 8-9 minutes long, so you can get through the game in about two play throughs of that track.

The interface looks poorly drawn and as a result there are one or two things I could not recognise - the Bobby Pin in the inventory, for example looks ridiculous. Why not have an inventory that doesn't show what you haven't got?

If I'm honest, the gameplay reminded me of a scales down version of Frank's Adventure, though it needs a lot of work to come up to the standard of that game - some interactive sex scenes would have been more expected, to be honest, rather than cartoon porn in postcard format. Why not have a menu that you can look through the library of what you've discovered so far? Work on the art that you guys actually did yourselves and make the games better as a result.

[Review Request Club]

Yomuchan responds:

The idea of the sex kitten series is to parody badly-done 'hentai games', so yes - being 'halfway decent' is the game plan. I'm glad people think it that way.

A user-navigable gallery? That's actually a brilliant idea. And yes, the arts need some improvement; drawing with a ball-mouse can only get me so far.

I appreciate your feedback, man. Thanks!.

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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