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A shame you couldn't go into the detail about the answers like you did with your last quiz, but never mind, that wasn't the entire point of this project.

I quite liked the explanations that you've given for the characters, but officially, I'm akin to Alien Hominid. Seems kind of weird, but I can certainly live with it, because there are a lot worse characters onNewgrounds to be affiliated to.

I think that you could do with improving the buttons for the sound on and off, as when I clicked the sound on while the tune was still playing, it started again, so you had a poor sounding double play. Also, the mute button doesn't have the shape of the button tailored to the detail shown, which is something I wouldn't have had as a mistake from you.

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Not really an interactive movie

To be honest, it's more of a text file with page on or back buttons, than an 'interactive movie'. I'd say that there isn't much you can do about it, as there aren't that many helpful pictures that you can get sorted.

Still, the production itself isn't that bad - you've got a decent chunk of information in there, with things like the basics of how to handle abusive reviews, posting well on the BBS and a few useful clubs to join if you want to get ahead on this website.

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RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks for the review.

Not bad

I think that it's a reasonably detailed little pseudo-tutorial, but there was one problem - apparently, I'm not ranked as a Newgrounds God, when I answered honestly. A shame, but at the end of it all, this piece certainly assists in teaching people about life on Newgrounds, the whistle system and the BBS.

I think that we could have used a different tune for it - Endless Handbag Loop tends to be viewed as the modern NG theme, but this one is the older version, which dates the piece somewhat...

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Quite tricky

Despite the fact that the opposing circles are moving in a relative pattern, you need a good deal of skill to avoid them for very long.

I think that you need to break it down into levels (If you have and I haven't managed to exploit that feature, you have my apologies), where you get different patterns of moving items - not necessarily circles, as it shouldn't just be that to perplex people.

The other thing is that the graphics aren't too spectacular, but they need to be spruced up a little to add something to any future productions that you make.

I'd also suggest a little music, as it's quite a boring little affair without that at present.

Boring on the lack of music front, but very skillfull in the gameplay stakes.

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So true

Ah, and I can sympathise with most of these error messages as things similar to this have happened on the computers that I've owned across the years. I think that you must be a windows user, considering the wealth of the MS error messages and the number of the different operating systems that you have gone across. I can certainly understand the bias against Safari, since every time I try to update iTunes, you just know that they're going to try and sneak it onto the system.

Of course, you could have gone back to the basics, giving us some error messages from Windows 95 and 98, to complete the set. That would have been a cracker, as they were really horrible Operating Systems, back in the day of the 64Mb RAM :P

A nice depth of knowledge, but I would have suggested that the true colour grid come up, in order to allow you to pick your _____ screen of death for Vista.

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AntoArts-Admin responds:

Lol, I'll try to add that color set thing in the next version!

Not too bad...

It's a standard quiz, with relatively simple questions. I know that I don't have the greatest knowledge of the game, but I think that with multiple choice questions, which call game over if you get one wrong, you can never totally fail to get the quiz wrong.

What I'd recommend is that you come to some sort of compromise, that totals up what you got right and then a percentage of correct answers, thus telling us how skilled you are - for example "85%+ You are the Master Chief of Halo, you know your way around the games so well - get a fucking life" etc.

The white background isn't what you need - throw some Halo imagery into the mix and add a tune to keep the masses occupied. I think that there are plenty of pieces that are Halo Themed in the Audio Portal.

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xIDoL responds:

Thanks :P

Good Game

Nice to see an arcade version of Draw Poker, considering that most of the games that are labelled poker out there are Texas Hold 'em, with most versions of Draw Poker being associated with Strip Poker.

A great little setup, with nice sounds and animation, although I would change how the players act when they deal, as it's not a natural look for how the cards fall from the hands.

With the options to cheat, I'd have said that your only weakness is being unable to completely destroy the table and descend into a bar fight, should you be able to catch one of your opponents cheating.

Of course, you could combine two disciplines and make it into a proper western, where the poker game descends into a bar fight and you've suddenly got a beat 'em up on your hands.

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Great game

This game has everything that is needed to make an addictive little game - good mechanics, a catchy gimmick of a character, annoying music and a decent enough challenge to keep it interesting.

I had a few issues getting myself around the idea that you can jump again while you are airborne, it's a useful skill that you can get yourself a lot further in a level with.

I love the way that Bob deflates slightly as you stop and relax for a moment. It's something that I wouldn't have thought about, but with certain computer games, it does become apparent that they use this technique to get people to interact with the game.

I'd have added an option to mute the music and possibly a range of sound effects for Bob as he bounces off the scenery.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Nice to see that you appreciate the little details with Bob :). There is a 'mute'-button in the menu at the top right corner and in the game about at the same place. Thanks for your review.

Lacks depth

You have put together a half decent walk around Newgrounds, but the problem is that it doesn't have the depth of information that these kind of things need. You've apparently got no grasp of punctuation, which would certainly be required in showing people around the place here.

I think that it needs more research, such as reading into the History of NG, or the FAQs - expaining that the BBS means "Bulletin Bored System" is farcical - it's a Bulletin Board System, for example and you could ahve mentioned a lot more depth, such as what forums are contained within - the General; Where is / How to?; Flash; Audio; Art; Clubs & Crews could have given us so much more information

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piggy123 responds:

Me.......lazy then?


I would suggest other things for this creator program, which would certainly help to expand it - other backgrounds would be useful, just to give a certain amount of individuality to this project - you can't reall have anything too different, except the comments that the users can make for the sigs.

It is a rather simple program, which no doubt could be equipped onto a browser program, enabling further additions, such as cropping / resizing of images for the sig pic and full scale production of signatures for forums across the web.

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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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