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A touch too much static

A shame that the louder parts of the song are dominated by static - it can't even be cured by turning the track down, which is a shame.

It sounds nice, with a good blend of beat and melody, even with some nice keyboards thrown in to try and harmonise, which is a very interesting sound.

I can certainly see this becoming a very well liked track when you tidy up the static issues during remastering.

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statueofdiveo responds:


Please tell me where this static is.

Video Game Hip Hop

What an interesting blend of the classic sounding video game music, combined with a hip-hop song / rap. A very pleasing combination of music and lyrics.

I think that there is a slight issue with the way that the chorus beat / counter melody blends in with the piano. I think that it needs some work in mastering, just to tidy it up.

It certainly gives out an interesting message to the masses.

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A bit of static

A shame, because there is the eminence of static within the tune start, but it does get masked quite well behind the melody. Perhaps just mess with the equalisation of the bass ever so slightly and go from there.

A good melody and some good little sub-beats from the drum snares and the chimes. I can understand that it's not a rave, as it's far too quiet for one and perhaps even too slow for a rave tune.

If it's going to be a rave tune, perhaps consider making it longer and having something like a short bass solo, which is some of the shenannigans they tend to like in Rave circles ;)

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LightKeeper responds:

I noticed that right afte uploading and listening to it more, I think it has to do with the frequencies mashing together during the low pass in the beginning.

My intention was to make a trancy song that was like a rave, but not really. :)

Good sound

A bit of a basic loop for you with the melody, but a nice sounding track - sometimes simple really does work out best.

I think that the combination of something a little more 'out there' and experimental for the counter melody could have caused the simple melody to benefit the way it did and the bass beat, without being too heavy has certainly complimented the piece as a whole.

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jxl180 responds:

Thank you for taking the time to review my audio,

Double beat really has issues

I think that second powerful bass beat in the background that's not keeping time with the rest of this track is what's dragging it down. Sure, the main beat and the melody are great, but this 'low thumping' in the background, which sounds like someone hammering on the recording studio wall isn't doing anyone any favours.

The melody is something nice that keeps the track going, punctuating some of the industrial sounding beat nicely. I like the way that it all fits together and the piece starts to sound like it could become something better.

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jxl180 responds:

This is the first time I heard about the second base. Thank you for the review.


Isn't this a remix?

I always thought there was a difference between a remix and a remastered song - a remix changes the song around, including things like tempo and sound etc, while a remastering of the song just tidies it up, possibly getting better, more crisp sounds for the tune, etc. For me, the slowing it by 5% makes it a remix, but I'm not a pro, so there you go.

I think that the vocals do get a little cramped, especially when the vocalists all try to sing over one another - every voice is fighting for control and some of them drown the main lyrics out, which is a shame.

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Needs a little mastering

Firstly, I'd suggest that you tell your drummer to try hitting something else with the cymbal - it makes a much nicer sound if it's coupled with a bass drum, or even a snare. Save the lone cymbals for the big finish, when every cymbal on the kit get struck about 20 times within the space of 30-40 seconds.

Great metal sounding guitar, as you run up and down the scales. A lovely sound that does sound a little metal.

The mastering work is required, because it's slightly static at the upper end of the guitar notes, which is a shame.

The ending was slightly too abrupt as well, but other than that, it's not bad at all.

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Sawdust responds:

Lmao this was all done on FL, but that's a new good piece of advice, which I'll make sure to keep in mind when I'm editing this thing, thanks a bunch!

A shame it was short

A stirring piece that shows how powerful a piano can be if played right. This can certainly be used for most gothic style games, as it's a very rousing piece, that can be used in many dramatic styles.

I think I caught a duff note at the end of it, when you went to the final crescendo at 2.15. Still, with a little playing about, this could be a really excellent piece.

You've got some good sounding talent here and I'll look forward to hearing your next piece.

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sarias responds:

its a prelude, and typically preludes are short. Im playing this one chopin song and its only 20 measures. this one is like 40. also what does duff note mean :) if it means doesn't belong it actually does. Its a new movement im made up :) its like neo-reomatic with a modern flair where i suprise my listeners with a note that doesn't belong with the rest, but still works. Its kinda jazzy. I tried the final chord 1000000 ways and nothingworked right till this thanks for the review though


It certainly suits the AngryFaic visualisation - I love how the bass brings out the wideness of his eyes.

Personally, I'm not that much of a fan of Techno, trance, dance and all of the related genres. This has got the elements that's going to appeal with these sorts of pieces. With the way that the bass blends in with the rest of the tune, you do kind of feel that there could be something else done with the bass to encourage the tune to go elsewhere.

As the tune progresses, the high pitched "siren whine" sounds a little too aggressive and it dominates the bass. With that out of the way, the track becomes more one dimensional, which is a shame and in the end, it just tends to blur back into white noise. I was disappointed with that, but I daresay that many clubbers wouldn't be bothered by that though.

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agnryfaic responds:

LOL, it's indeed funny watching with the agnryfaic visualisation.
Thanks for the review man ;)

More than just a menu tune

I can certainly see this as a piece that will get used for various games as a backing tune - either in the format of a tune that plays during gameplay on an arcade style platform or indeed as a single room tune in a game along the lines of Legend of Zelda.

It's a well structured piece with a good beat, which could even tolerate becoming more prominent and powerful within the track, as the melody will support it. It loops well, so you benefit from being able to reach a wider range of authors with this. The file size isn't insurmountable, so you shouldn't be causing issues there either.

It could possibly use a little more variation, considering how long it is - the one modulation at about 1.15 is good, but something else towards the end of the track would help as well.

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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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