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Needs to be longer

To make an efective loop, this song must be about 3 minutes - the 1.5 minute marker just makes it quite annoying, reasonably quickly.

For me, the first 20 seconds smacked of Final Fantasy on a primitive level - one instrument is only going to sound so good. With more of a chance to blend instruments into a melody, the piece tends to sound more '3D' and more advanced.

It's a good start and I think that if it was longer and fleshed out with a few more instruments in close melody, the whole piece would blossom into something bigger.

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Dark-Heart responds:

I know what you're saying. But what am I going to do, this is my first audio submission, and I can't play piano very well. Heh, still, I'll try your advice on this song.

Almost perfect

What more needs to be said about this wonderful piece?

Maybe it's a little loud in places, as parts of the guitar music has a trace of static, which is a shame, because this piece is great. Reminds me of a cross between Rammstein, Dream Theater and Metallica. The vocal pieces needed to be slightly louder, so we could understand was was being sang / said / yelled. I am aware of the fact that Rammstein isn't supposed to be understood, but what the hell :P

The mellow change of tempo put me in mind of Nothing Else Matters, by Metallica, which is why it comes in like that. The body of the song reminds me a lot of Dream Theater and Rammstein - thundering drums, deep bass and a great guitar lead.

Maybe the drums lend a little to Man-o-war as well, but they're not one of my favourites, so I'll back off from that :P

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Goatchrist responds:


Well, as I said, the 128 kbit do hurt the song a little, adding more static than intended. The full demo will have better quality.

Your comparisons are definitely interesting, I've never heard anyone comparing my stuff to the bands you mentioned :)

Glad you liked it, thanks for the indepth review!

Impressivly simple

What a nice piece - reminds me of something that you'd get at the start of, say, an episode of Final Fantasy, showing the player what life was like before some catastrophic end of life thing came about.

Such a nice blend of the notes and it carries all the way through the piece with such a gentle ease about it. I'm going to have to listen to some of your others.

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Nice, but one thing.

About 30 seconds through, the tune changes completely. If you're going to use that, I'd suggest that you make the piece longer, as it's almost there, but to have a modulation like that and suddenly end it makes me feel somewhat hard done by for such a good piece of music.

The first 30 seconds was awesome, with a rocking beat keeping the place at a steady tempo.

Looking forward to the next piece already :)

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Koeberto190 responds:

Thanks for the review, it helped a lot!

Simple Beautiful

I have to say that this is the best piece of audio that I've heard on the audio portal yet. Granted, I may not have listened to much audio, but this is awesome.

I didn't like the humming noise at the end - maybe the volume was whacked up, but there was a definate hum, as the sound tracker indicated it and it stopped with about a second left on the clock. Fortunately, it wasn't perceptible until the end of the track.

I'll look into other submissions you've made, because although my girlfriend didn't appreciate the woodwind contribution, I thought it was called for.

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A little short

But I can see why you stopped making it - hopefully, you'll be able to come back to this at some point, when you've got a more powerful machine and finish it off, as the ending is somewhat... abrupt.

I really like the way that you contain a number of different tunes within the main piece - you've blended them together really well, without so much as a skip of the beat.

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Is that blood coming out from my ears?

Not a bad track, overall, but I think that you could have done us a slight favour, by reducing the bass on the track a little.

This reminds me a little of people in modified cars, who try to attract attention by playing white noise at passers by. Fortunately, I can actually hear a rhythm on this track, so you're alright.

I like the way you dealt with the modulations, as it blended really nicely.

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Needs work in places

But overall, it's a good piece. A cover version, you say? How did that come about, was it some other artists who covered it, or have you put it together from other tunes (possibly explaining why it sounds a little shitty in places)

I'm sure that metal fans will appreciate it and judging by the number of downloads you've had, some people already do.

The guitar solo was worthy of Joe Satriani (Or more probably Dream Theatre) and overall, I'd say you've done a good job - if only you worked on the mixing and splicing of the tracks :P

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Bonemill responds:

yo yo yo

You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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