Unseasonal Partridges

2014-03-23 10:36:33 by Coop

Well, I feel blessed that I live in a town that is so close to the countryside. Normally, this is shit, because I drive to work and get stuck behind a tractor, when I'm no doubt running late for work, thus setting my day off perfectly, as you can imagine. However, today showed me the lighter side of things. I looked up from my screen, to glance across the road and I saw an unfamilar bird perched on my neighbour's front wall.

A bit of double checking later and I discover that there are two partridges at the neighbour's. Then, when the traffic died down, they made their way slowly across the road, through out gate and up the drive. Grabbing my camera, I made my way cautiously downstairs to try and grab a few snaps. Twitter has the lot posted, but here is one example, as they look marvellous.

I know I'm not as good a photographer as Wade when it comes to wildlife, vistas an the like, though I feel I did a pretty good job.



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2014-03-23 15:02:37

Yay burds.

Coop responds:

Too many for the Pear Tree, I suspect


2014-04-15 23:24:03

Shoot nerf at it?

Coop responds:

Hell no, I would rather shoot the fucking cats who were stalking them