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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

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Coop's Annual Stat whorage, 28th April 2011

Posted by Coop - April 28th, 2011

Another year, another news post about how great I am. Face it, you all know this to be true.

2011 Target: 25,530
Current: 25,530

Well, as predicted, I gained exactly 3,650 Experience, so next year's target will be the same again, but 3,660 as 2012 is a leapyear, thus a total of 29,190

Exp Rank
2011 Target: Top 100
Current: 114

Well, it's really difficult to make any headway when everyone close to you makes the same experience as you every day. Predicting only 14 spaces in a year seems kind of harsh, so I'll up the bar, despite last year's failure and I'll shoot for the top 90, blindly

2011 Target: Level 48
Current: Level 48

Ho hum. Perfect depositing leads to pretty damned good predictions in this case. Level 52 will be the target, assuming that they don't mess up the levels, by adding new ones with the redesign... Maybe I know something you don't, maybe I'm just shitting you up, who knows?

2011 Target: 28,000
Current: 27,510

Ouch, I was 490 short this time. A shame that I didn't make any more of a gain, but I want to get in the 30k barrier by this time next year, so I'll set the modest target of 30,000 for next year.

2011 Target: 61,000
Current: 62,813

A missive swing of 1,813 additional saves. Bearing in mind that I pretty much missed Clock Day last year as well, I'm impressed. Now to look to the future and 87,000 Saves for the end of year 7.

Total B/P
2011 Target: 89,000 B/P
Current: 90,323

Blams were not made, but Saves were. That gives me the milestone by some distance, it has to be said. This year will be when I ascend to 100,000 B/P, that you can be sure of. My target will be 107,000 B/P, which is just what I've predicted for Blams and Saves gains, so we'll se how I do.

B/P Rank
2011 Target: 14th
Current: 14

Right, now I'm getting to the sharp end of the stick here, so the only prediction I can give is a whole 4 ranks gained between now and then. That's right folks, my aim is to reach the top 10

2011 Target: 21,000 Posts
Current: 20,723

Just shy of the goal I set myself - a few weeks posting at 8 per day would have made it. I'll set the goal at 25,000 Posts by this time next year.

Flash Reviews
2011 Target: 2,100
Current: 1,979

Wow, I dropped a bollock here. Mainly because I've haemorhaged reviews in the past few months, plus an unplanned hiatus from reviewing just left me down in the dumps a little. Let's see if I can push for 2,350 Reviews by then, just over 1 per day

Flash Review Responses
2011 Target: 1,250
Current: 1,214

Damn, didn't quite manage to come up with the goods - if anyone wishes to help me by giving me a lot of flash that gets review responses, send me a link and I'll get to work. I'll state a target of 1,400 Flash Review Responses for this time around.

Audio Reviews
2011 Target: 1,100
Current: 1,052

A net gain of 5 reviews. Damn, that sucks. Right, sticking with the same target, I'll see if I can get the musical vibe back sometime this year.

Art Reviews
2011 Target: 400
Current: 283

Not exactly the greatest start to a career of reviewing art, but I just need motivation. I'll get there. I'll set the target to 500 Reviews and I'll see if I can find someone inspiring to review for.

Total Points
2011 Target: 139,000
Current: 139,887

So close to 140k! Alright, I think I can do better this time around. I'll gun for 165,000, which is a gain of 25,000 Points, but not insurmountable. I just need to get myself up there with more of the good stuff.

Until the 8th birthday, gents.

Comments (25)

OMG. someone is surely obsessed with his NG stats!

Yes, I'm more obsessed with stats than anyone else on NG

Erry1 jelly of Coop's gold. >:(

Well, not everyone. Some people couldn't care less that I'm Terry's All Gold at the moment.

^ 'Cept me. :P

About obsessed with stats, or jealous of my gold?

My amount of grounds gold, you are jealous of :P

^Level 47 much. XP

He's not jealous of my Modship or my Deity whistle though.

I don't even give those fools a thought, if they can't be bothered to be jelly of the Coop Yellow Bling Bonanza.

Bahamut was so jelly, he had to rant. :D

Meh, whether or not that are envious of my stash is inconsequential.

The gold you are missing is a trophy.

Newgrounds does not give trophies for Audio and / or Literature at the moment

I will defeat you one day, Coop. Mark my words! >:)



I am weak?! I have strength of stats, strength of mind and strength to overcome this freaking sunburn that I have at the moment.

Fun Fact: If we both continue at the same pace we're currently going, I should pass you in B/P points in about 30 years.

Wow, I'll be still B/Ping at 58. Impressive

To be fair, I give you credits for hanging on long enough to get yourself where you are. Most people here just do not have the determination that you have.

It's not a question of determination, just habit now.

Intriguing. I'm interested as a fellow stat monger to give myself targets or guesses for where I'll be in a years time. I imagine my predictions would be pathetically wrong though. I think even trying to work out a years experience points would go dangerous wrong somehow. I guess ultimately though I don't want to make guesses as anything could change within a year.

What if Coop decides to finish with Newgrounds? D: Parties all around sure but the stats would be at a standstill then!

The one thing I should hope is to get to 150,000 Total Stats. I've got like 126k at the moment and I made 30k in a year (from may 1st 2010 to now). Shouldn't be hard to do then I guess but still AAYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

I've predicted 3,650 points for the past 4-5 years, 3,660 on a leapyear - nothing has gone wrong for me, so why stop now?

Damn, it feels good to outpace the new "obsessed b/p machine" Coop in the weekly b/p update. I have not done that since January 2009.

One week in many - slow and steady wins the race, which I believe I did, in the end.

Okay the thread is not the youngest anymore, but man, I'd rather try to encourage people to change their review habits.

Less reviews is the devise. As someone said recently "Reviews = Comments". That's totally true, and a - in my opinion - even more saddening fact.

Thanks for your attention, have a nice day.

So you want me to write less reviews?

I'm writing lots of reviews, but it's the quality, not the quantity.

*reviewing habits

Nothing's over good languege on your profile, Coop.


Funny, my English boox says languege.

I'd get it checked then - I've been spelling it Language for the better part of 25 years and I've never been corrected to anything else.

Happy to be of help.

Lol Coop. Nice to see you are still on for something, even if it is just because of your fetish for numbers.

Numbers, letters, punctuation - all things that allow me to get my rocks off.

My targets are level 29 and Lieutenant/Captain for this year. So far so good. If I was obsessed like you I'd probably be about level 42 now :(

It's just how you deal with it - make the most of the opportunities that are there, thought the same can be said about life in general, as opposed to solely in stats.

what a virgin

Says someone that's labelled as "13, female". Believe it all you want, It only matters to me about the truth, since I'm not seeing anyone at the moment.

Total Bukkakes we are suppose to give each other
2011 Target: 123,343
Current: 234,3432

Well done good sir. I knew we could do it.

Well, I was a little worried about 6 months in - I thought I'd drowned you that one evening.

Dude you got golden aura, golden weapon, golden BP rank and golden whistle, how can it get better !?

Top ranked for Experience; Top ranked for B/P; 10,000+ Reviews. There are plenty of things still to achieve.

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