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Happy New Year!

Posted by Coop - January 1st, 2011

So here we are, 2011!

My 8th different year that I've been on Newgrounds (04-11) and I'm planning on making the most of it! Only this morning, I've launched the latest Monthly Writing Contest for budding authors to write up a script for a flash movie. I'm hoping for a big uptake, as this could be the impetus that we really need.

So, as usual, onto the resolutions:

1) Reach deadlines on time
2) Make more Audio submissions
3) Stat whorage
4) New job? That might have to come, but we'll see what comes
5) Embrace my creativity and for the love of any divine being out there caring to listen STOP PROCRASTINATING!

I'm sure that there are other things I could do at the moment, like saying about keeping fit, rediscovering the long lost abdominal muscles and improving on my cricket, but we'll leave it at that and see what comes in the new year.

Happy 2011, folks!

Comments (26)

Bah, you aim far too high. I intend to spend 2011 doing exactly the same things I did in 2010.

Ah, the old "I'm #1, so why try harder" motif

Happy New Year, Coop.

One of my "Newgrounds" resolutions is to quit being such an irritable idiot.

I'm gonna try to contribute more so I don't anger the mods :P

I hope you keep to it.

Best of luck and Happy New Year

Happy new year, I hope you will be able to fulfil your 2011 resolutions!

I'll give them a damned good shot - that's why I made them

i hope you have a good year and hopefully ill see you at the next london meet

Definitely. I'm looking forward to it already - I'm seeing Iron Maiden in Birmingham on the 31st of July and then London for the meet on the 6th-8th!


What have I done to offend thee?

I promise my finished script will be to the preference of the contest. Sorry for that first peice of crap. The second one will be the same. scept more descriptive.

You've been given a reprieve - use it wisely.

Why'd you ban me? I though we were friends. :(

It was a spam thread that I destroyed - everyone got a ban for it. Sorry, but that's the way it is with threads like that.

Wait, your name is just Coop now? What happened to Coop83.

http://coop.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/542219

No hard feelings, brah.

You were just doing your job.

Yeah, it happens. I'll bear you no ill will for it.

good resolutions I hope you achieve them by the end of 2011

Not a fat lot of progress yet, but we'll see over the next few weeks.


The 1-X robots are my friend...

1 month almost down. Good luck on the writing competition and hope your new year resolutions are going to plan. I didn't make any because I knew they won't happen. :P

Well, I've entered my piece for the writing contest (I'm not in it to win, just to try and get some exposure for my script writing) and there are approximately 6 projects on the writing front alone, all begging for attention.

If I can polish some of those off, I might be able to spend some time over the next few weekends hugging my mic with a view to more audio work, but we'll see how that pans out.

There is the movie jam next week, not sure if you have submitted a script for that. That would definitely get you some exposure, especially if the team won. Have fun with the mic hugging.

Nah, it's a piece for the musical interpretation MWC that I launched at the turn of the year. Tom seems to be encouraged by it, so I hope that at least some of the script ideas can be translated into flash movies.

happy new year Co-op!
From a much sleep deprived Cal and Mini Cal, who crash-landed about 24 hours before your post <3

Crash landed, but at least in a safe and relatively controlled manner.


Time for a new hair cut.

Fuck that!

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

Is there any kind of a prize I can get for reading the shit boring forums today?

No - you don;t ever have to read the forums, unless you want to post on them. If there's nothing interesting, see if you can find something and let people know about it.

I did let you know about it, you noob, you.

What?! Why are you calling me a noob, when you were asking about prizes for reading the forums, despite them being boring?

I dunno, man, I just think you should lurkmoar

I'm a mod - I do lurk. It's just that at some point, people need to be told stuff, by someone with authority. Are you referring to my 20k+ posts? That's taken me almost 7 years to make, so at just over 8 per day, it isn't that much.

I dislike too many mods being on general. General is better at night without you

That's your opinion - I feel different, as it encourages you plebs to run amok otherwise.

Why don't you tell me who your main is? I won't ban you for it ;)

Believe it or not, this is my main account. I'm pretty much a noob.

I guess us noobs hate mods just as much as u hate us :P

I don't hate noobs. You probably just think we do, since you've never made a post on the BBS.

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