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You know, I stopped shaving to think of something to write here. That worked out well.

Will Cooper @Coop

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Comments (2)

I'm not OLD! What are you saying? You're still a Spring Chicken in every sense of the words.
Good luck with the Cricket this year dude. I'm sure this year will be bountiful for you and your team.
Also the right woman will find you soon enough, so no need for you to go and find her. Remember, Good things come to those who wait buddy and you must by now realize that when you least expect it, it will happen. Cheers WC.

I'm not feeling like a spring chicken - I keep getting pulled ligaments. Nothing major, but enough to set me back and it's not a nice feeling, as I'm sure you would appreciate.

I've got a few leads, but nothing set in stone for a woman at the moment. Some of my friends have suggested that their single brother hit the town with me on the occasional evening, as we both need to get laid badly (that sure is not a compliment!)

As for the cricket, I hope to come good on the bet that a few of the lads have placed - I apparently will lead the bowling averages, as I am more than capable of bamboozling the kids in division 9 this year!

So that Evil-Dog project is going to be one of them touch games for the contest? Good luck with that! I have no smartphone (I'm anti-cellular, rationed on stationary), but all good games should still be fully playable on a regular computer... right?

If your job is taking time away from NG it sounds like... you need to get a better job! Nah, that's life, just more of these priorities. Happy Birthday btw, and good luck with the quest for ladies!

Nah, it's something different. Evil-Dog has bigger priorities at the moment, so I'm happily sitting here, waiting in the wings.

The job may be taking me away from Newgrounds, but it's giving me more money. The fact that I now spend 2 hours a day travelling to or from work is a big bummer, but the money makes it worthwhile.

Thanks for the birthday / lady wishes.